How To Improve Self Esteem}

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Submitted by: William F. Gabriel

We cant all be super models, movie stars and sports celebrities. Unfortunately, a lot of us think we need to be these things to recognize our self-worth. Having a high self-esteem doesnt come easily for everyone. Each one of us has baggage that we carry with us that can keep us from realizing our inherent value as people. Some people get teased incessantly at school over the way they look. Other feel like they dont measure up to their siblings or their parents make them feel like nothing they do is every quite good enough.

People are notorious for comparing themselves to others. We always want to see how we measure up to the popular, successful crowd. However, when we make these comparisons, we almost always feel like we are inadequate. We find something else we wish we had or some other way we wish we could be. Its important to move away from these feelings and to start being honest with ourselves. It takes an attitude adjustment and a measure of good sense for people to realize that everyone is important and that self-esteem comes with a positive outlook.

1. If you want to feel confident, look confident. Stop walking around with your shoulders hunched and your eyes gazing at your shoes. Walk tall and be proud. The more you practice this, the more you feel your self-esteem begin to improve.

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2. Stop comparing yourself to those models in the magazines. They have been Photoshopped and airbrushed so many times, even they dont recognize themselves anymore. There is so much more to a person than the way he or she looks. You recognize this in others right? Now its time to see it in yourself.

3. Take up a new hobby. Do something productive that gets your mind off the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Take a Martial Arts Training course and learn karate or any number of martial arts styles. Build your self confidence and learn how to protect yourself from danger at the same time. If you work your way up through the belt system, youll be able to keep track of your progress and feel proud of yourself for the dedication and hard work you put into it.

4. Set new goals and work hard to reach them. Start out small if you want, but prove to yourself that you are accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. Write a book, paint your house, take a vacation to an exotic destination, or set a money-saving goal.

5. Challenge yourself to try something new every day or every week. The more living you do the less time you have to worry about what other people think of you. (Heres a hint, most of them are worrying about what you think of them, anyway.) Whether you go to a new restaurant for lunch with a friend or see a play for the first time, see how many different experiences you can pack into a lifetime.

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5 Fool Proof Ways To Get Out Of Work}

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Submitted by: Irsan Kao

Everyone has felt at some point in their working life the urges not to work. It is a fabulous day outside, the sun is out, it is not humid at all and the Frisbee is calling your name. You groan internally at the mountain of work that is piling on your desk and makes you feel like your lunch might not stay down and you need to get out of the office, and that it has to be NOW.

Unless writing Gone Fishing on a piece of paper and taping it onto your computer screen without fear of reprisals is an option, you probably will need these readymade excuses to get you out of the office without losing face or worse your job.

1. (Ladies only) I am in intense pain with cramps. Consider this before thinking it might not work as nobody can refute your statement. First, the subject is not exactly the kind you discuss by the water cooler and second, you are likely to have sympathy from a female boss and a male boss will not only have any idea but also will be too embarrassed to challenge you on it.

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2. (Gentlemen only) I have terrible runs. Here also, do not be quick to put this one in the trash bin. Here we go with the uncomfortable topic again- specifically for men- no one will doubt the veracity of your statement. In addition, it has the advantage of not being a complicated excuse since details are not needed. You might even get kudos for being candid about it.

3. Use this one with caution: I am reacting badly to _____, I am allergic; and I need 24 hours to recuperate. This one will take some finesse and the memory of an elephant. The internet will be your friend if you need to research symptoms and details of the allergy you are claiming. Make sure need to keep track of your limitations and remember to avoid them at company functions.

4. Although this next one should be used sparingly and wisely, it is always a winner: My elderly grandparent (mother/father) passed away and the funeral is today. This reason is highly likely to get you out of work because of the age factor and your fib will seem plausible.

Also, nobody in your office will risk affronting you in your time of ahem-bereavement. Should you use this one carefully, you could milk it for both sets of grandparents and you could repeat this at another job.

5. I am so sorry, there was a fire at my apartment or neighborhood and there was some damage done to my place. I have to take care of the formalities with my insurance and the authorities. With this excuse, you should emphasize the fact that what happened was through no fault of yours but it is affecting you.

It is crucial to make it short and sweet. This should be perceived as a nuisance rather than a tragedy that befell you. You should aim to let everyone see you as the victim. It should seem as if you would have chosen work over taking care of those pesky details.

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Agent Conflict Of Interest

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Submitted by: Don Kinney

Agent Conflict of Interest

How can a commercial agent represent both landlord and tenant?

It is quite common for the agent representing the landlord, the listing agent, to suggest that a tenant prospect use their full service firm because they know the property and the owner well. What is usually not mentioned is that the listing agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the landlord. That means that he must not disclose information detrimental to his principal, the landlord, and has a duty to look out for the best interests of that principal. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to represent a tenant with a similar promise.

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For example, say there was a similar property nearby from a different landlord with more favorable terms. If the landlord s agent becomes a dual agent there is a responsibility to the tenant to act in the tenant s best interest. He is supposed to act on behalf of the landlord. How can the agent show the tenant prospect all the available properties on the market and not be in conflict with the listing agreement?

There are other areas of potential conflict. Confidential information disclosed to the agent must not be passed to another. Conversation between agents and tenants usually cover a wide range of topics, some of which could have a detrimental influence on the negotiating position of the tenant. With the possible discovery of sensitive facts about either the landlord or tenant, which party does the landlord s agent protect?

Tenant concessions that may be offered by some landlords could include items such as free rent, tenant improvements allowances, signage, and other inducements to get them as a tenant. The landlord s agent likely will not offer anywhere near what you should get. Without a tenant rep, the tenant may not be aware of concessions currently being offered locally and thereby miss valuable components that should be included.

Particularly challenging is the negotiation of the language in each lease paragraph. The tenant s attorney will represent the tenant on legal issues. Where does the tenant get meaningful support for business questions? Business advice may be required from a licensed commercial real estate professional.

Tenant representatives do not represent landlords. They perform site searches that include all available properties, filter out the best properties that meet the tenant requirements, negotiate letter of intent offers to the benefit of the tenant, and assist in the development of favorable business points of a tenant lease agreement. The tenant has a much better shot at reducing occupancy costs and getting a fair and balanced lease agreement by using a tenant rep rather than a landlord s agent.

Avoid conflicts of interest when leasing San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, California office, retail, and industrial property by using a tenant rep rather than a landlord s agent. You get a commercial real estate professional acting as a fiduciary in your best interests. Best of all, the tenant rep usually splits a built-in listing commission paid by the landlord, so there s no additional cost to you.

process early.

About the Author: Don Kinney of Silicon Valley Land Company specializes in office, retail, and industrial tenant representation for San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale, California. Our goal is to help tenants get a better building and reduce occupancy costs, often by 20%, or more.


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Get The Best Nilkamal Weekender Garden Chair From @Home.}

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Submitted by: David Troll

We all need to appreciate the sunny days to the extent that this would be possible, so make the ideal spot to consume, read or basically unwind. With Nilkamal’s scope of Garden chairs you’ll generally be sitting lovely. The ergonomic configuration of all Nilkamal arrangement seating guarantees you of ideal sitting solace. Each arrangement seat is produced using the most astounding quality plastic. Smooth lines and a wide choice of shades supplement your individual outline. Adequate to be seen inside as well.

Today with homes getting to be littler, more individuals decide to treat their outside regions as an augmentation to their indoor spaces. We at @home offer a wide range in open air Nilkamal enclosure seats which makes your outside regions more agreeable and useful, with the goal that you can invest somewhat more of an opportunity appreciating the excellence of nature. Everybody needs the ideal seat to lay back in when they’re in their arrangement. To sit and unwind in the daylight is a definitive occasion. Look through our scopes of enclosures seats and loungers. The decisions are unending, who’d have thought there could be such a variety of approaches to take a seat?

Chilling isolated or eating up in the outdoors with buddies, there’s furniture here for every sunny moment from gazebos and parasols to sun loungers. Discover engaging rattan walled in area furniture perfect for all atmospheres moreover looks exceptional in any contemporary game plan. With packs of yard furniture, outside sheds and course of action stockpiling decisions, you can get whatever you need to light up your walled in area.

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When you buy fenced in area and outdoors furniture from @home, you get the affirmation of mind blowing quality and finishing. We promise that all our Garden seat degree is sufficiently strong to withstand the test of normal segments so they have a more drawn out life and consequently, offer you more regard for your money and Nilkamal Weekender Garden Chairs are known for its quality. From tables and seats in materials like metal, unrefined wood, finished wood, strong wood, stick, wicker and metal, your choices are various and all furniture pieces are sensibly assessed.

We at @home have already made thousands of households in India happier and better with our vast collection of value-for-money Nilkamal garden furniture. Our items can be purchased separately or as part of a set. Together with the most trusted and successful brand in India, we aim at providing our customers with the highest possible outdoor experience at the lowest possible cost. Revolutionize your garden with our products and you will never want to stay indoors again. Great garden furniture is the perfect way to add style to your garden, and our garden furniture collection is full of great ideas.

Nilkamal is glad to stock a wide range agreeable and beautiful Garden Chairs to suit all enclosures. With a mixed bag of choices accessible at @home online store, you can pick the particular case that fits well inside your necessities and plan. From ordinary to contemporary, we have everything. Agreeable and tasteful furniture will make a smooth environment and let you and your family release up and loosen up in the outside living reach.

Outside furniture since time immemorial has been an awesome and timeless bit of game plan adornment and it adds to the perfection and comfort and additionally enhances the walled in area dcor. Putting quality time with family in the fenced in area region while tasting that warm coffee can truly become more fun and invigorating, if your outside is enlivened with the right and agreeable outdoors furniture

When you purchase enclosure and open air furniture from @home, you get the certification of extraordinary quality and completion of Nilkamal items. We guarantee that all our open air furniture reach is sufficiently solid to withstand the test of regular components so they have a more drawn out life and consequently, offer you more esteem for your cash. From tables and seats in materials like metal, crude wood, completed wood, strong wood, stick, wicker and metal, your decisions are numerous and all furniture pieces are manage the cost of capably valued. You can pick extensive variety of outside arrangement furniture with our gathering and assortment of materials including wooden, sheesham and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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