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We cant all be super models, movie stars and sports celebrities. Unfortunately, a lot of us think we need to be these things to recognize our self-worth. Having a high self-esteem doesnt come easily for everyone. Each one of us has baggage that we carry with us that can keep us from realizing our inherent value as people. Some people get teased incessantly at school over the way they look. Other feel like they dont measure up to their siblings or their parents make them feel like nothing they do is every quite good enough.

People are notorious for comparing themselves to others. We always want to see how we measure up to the popular, successful crowd. However, when we make these comparisons, we almost always feel like we are inadequate. We find something else we wish we had or some other way we wish we could be. Its important to move away from these feelings and to start being honest with ourselves. It takes an attitude adjustment and a measure of good sense for people to realize that everyone is important and that self-esteem comes with a positive outlook.

1. If you want to feel confident, look confident. Stop walking around with your shoulders hunched and your eyes gazing at your shoes. Walk tall and be proud. The more you practice this, the more you feel your self-esteem begin to improve.


2. Stop comparing yourself to those models in the magazines. They have been Photoshopped and airbrushed so many times, even they dont recognize themselves anymore. There is so much more to a person than the way he or she looks. You recognize this in others right? Now its time to see it in yourself.

3. Take up a new hobby. Do something productive that gets your mind off the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Take a Martial Arts Training course and learn karate or any number of martial arts styles. Build your self confidence and learn how to protect yourself from danger at the same time. If you work your way up through the belt system, youll be able to keep track of your progress and feel proud of yourself for the dedication and hard work you put into it.

4. Set new goals and work hard to reach them. Start out small if you want, but prove to yourself that you are accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. Write a book, paint your house, take a vacation to an exotic destination, or set a money-saving goal.

5. Challenge yourself to try something new every day or every week. The more living you do the less time you have to worry about what other people think of you. (Heres a hint, most of them are worrying about what you think of them, anyway.) Whether you go to a new restaurant for lunch with a friend or see a play for the first time, see how many different experiences you can pack into a lifetime.

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