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Some have said that investing in real estate is a good way to make money. But with the global economic crisis in our hands, buying and selling property has become incredibly difficult. Because of this dilemma, more and more people in Australia are having second thoughts of becoming property investors.

But this shouldnt be the case. Because if truth be told, there is still a lot of money you can earn in real estate. You just need to know how to become a good real estate investor.

Rick Otton, a real estate guru and writer of How to Buy a House for $1, has been sharing his creative property investment knowledge and skills to potential investors. His goal is to show the dos and donts in the real estate business to help people succeed in property investing. Here are some practical tips:

? Know your potential buyers. Theres a saying, if you give people what they want, they will be willing to give you what you want. Hence, if you want them to close a deal with you, you must be able to provide them what they need or solutions to their problems. You wont be able to do that if you dont know your buyers.


– Get good exposure for your property. If the property youre selling is located for example in dead-end areas where people cant quickly see your property, the best strategy you can do is to make pointer signs and place it in the busier streets near to your property to try and encourage people that might be interested to your property. Aside from this, you can also place an ad in a newspaper and create encouraging notes to make the reader become more interested to it.

– Link-up with a mortgage broker for they have a steady-stream of people who want mortgages strike a deal with them and give them a finder-free for pushing business your way.

– If you are already experienced, you dont have to go to your property for buyers to see it. You can simply put a padlock or lock-box on the front door and if a potential buyer called you up to see the property, you can simply give them the code and let themselves take a look around in the property.

– Dont forget about the previous buyers because you can still approach them to your other properties. Its a human nature that buyers want to progress to a bigger and better house.

– Create an effective slogan to your property that can catch up buyers attention.

– In real estate office youll see business cards. Collect those and try to email it or text it and create a message that will strike their curiosity.

In finding properties, alternative ways include reading a magazine like Government Gazette. Its a government magazine where you can subscribe to via direct mail or you can pick it up at your local library. You can also find people who are also into financing houses. Lawyers are also good in finding properties for sale.

Following these property investing strategies will help you become an effective and successful real estate investor. You can also expand your knowledge about real estate by attending seminars just like those hosted by Rick Otton. The advantage in these seminars is that you get to see actual case studies on how to solve common dilemmas found in real estate investment.

If you want a good book to read about real estate, try How to Buy a House for $1 by Rick Otton. Surely, you will never go wrong with this book! To learn more, come to Ricks upcoming book tour by reserving a seat for free at

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