Concrete Efflorescence &Amp; Water Damage

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By Pat Munro

Water is everywhere. of the planet is covered in water, our bodies are made of 80% water, and we all need water in order to survive. With the gifts that water gives, there are some downfalls too. Im referring to the structural damage, water can cause to our houses and buildings. What does water do? 1- runs downhill; 2- seeks its own level; 3- it eventually winds up in our basements. If there is a crack in a structures foundation, water will find its way in. You may not be aware of the water damage until its too late, but a good warning sign is efflorescence.

Efflorescence will present itself as a white powdery substance surrounding the edges of concrete, brick and other cement based surfaces. It is a result of the soils acid, reacting with the lime based cement. Water always finds a path; this path allows the soluble salts to migrate to the surface of the structure where moisture can evaporate. Once evaporated the salt residues crystallize creating the white powdery efflorescence. Over time, this white substance hardens on the surface and can be difficult to remove. If this powdery substance is present you know you have water damage. If left untreated, it will cause the eventual deterioration of the structure and cost a small fortune.

Do not fret, efflorescence is not hazardous. But it is unfortunately the warning sign of structural water damage. The actual white powder can be removed with media blasting such as soda blasting or with chemical products meant solely for this purpose. Once again, the white powder is a symptom of water damage, so washing away the residue may make the area look better for a short period of time, but the actual problem is continuing to deteriorate the structure. With sandblasting, the abrasiveness of the sand erodes the bricks surface along with the efflorescence, but will also cause more damage if you are not careful. Sandblasting increases the porous condition of the masonry and allows more water to be absorbed into the walls. Soda Blasting is more gentle. If you are thinking of getting your building professionally sandblasted, ensure the contractor seals the masonry with a waterproofing material afterwards.

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Alternately, a chemical compound known as hypo-phobic sealer can help prevent efflorescence on bricks, tiles, concrete and paving. The sealer repels water and can penetrate deep into the masonry to keep water at bay and dissolve salts away from the surface. Unfortunately in areas where freezing occurs, this sealant can lead to damage from the seasonal cycles. Also, certain types of concrete are better at resisting efflorescence than others.

To ensure a proper repair and long life to your foundation or concrete floor or patio, discussing the problem with a professional concrete contractor or landscaper can save you thousands, its always cheaper to repair than rebuild.

This is not a job for a handyman, this requires a professional concrete contractor to arrest the ongoing damage and provide a long term fix to the crack in the masonry which is allowing the water in.

Efflorescence is a controllable problem that should not continue in well constructed modern masonry. A penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure, repairing cracks in the foundation will prevent efflorescence problems down the road. Breaking the chain of conditions leading to efflorescence can be done with the assistance of concrete professionals, the correct materials and of course quality construction. If efflorescence is visible on or around your commercial, industrial building or residential structure, call a professional immediately.

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Fun Diy Baby Shower Favor Tips And Ideas

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By Janet R.

Even though it is not mandatory to give something to the guests before they leave the baby shower, it is always a nice gesture to give party favors that are really for them. If you are the organizer of such event, probably you may find it a little tricky to decide which favor you should pick. Baby shower favors can be purchased from a party store or made at home. Regardless of what your decision – to buy or to make – your goal is to provide the guests a memorabilia of the event that they will never forget throughout the years.

If you are a DIY-lover, you might think of making self-made baby shower favors. It is creative and crafty, and the best way to show off a personality. Creating homemade baby shower favors are not that difficult, but you need to start making way ahead of time considering that you will need to make plenty for the people invited to the party. Also, you want to keep mind the theme of the shower, and of course your budget. There are lots of fun DIY baby shower favor ideas to choose from, here are some that you may like to consider:

Baby Bottles -you can purchase plastic baby bottles at your local dollar store in a very cheap price. These bottles can be filled with sweet treats such as chocolates, button candies, mints, jelly beans, or almond. You can simply decorate them with a tied ribbon around the bottle’s neck and a tag that has a ‘thank you’ message.

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Organza Bags – you can make your own little organza bags or but them at a local craft store or specialty shop. These little bags may come in different colors or if you want to only use one color for all, then it’s all fine. You can fill each bag with candies, chocolates, almonds, or bath salts. Again, you can use tags to add a finishing touch on the bags and to provide a personalized detail.

Plastic Bottles/Glass Jars -these containers are easy to find in variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. If you don’t see it at local stores, find them online. You can purchase them online in a large quantities, at a discount price. These containers can accommodate bath salts, bubble bath, baby lotion, shower gel, or even baby powder. To add a personalized touch, you can use custom stickers, labels or tags where names of the mom and baby and the shower date are imprinted.

Flower Pots -if the shower has a green theme, you can think of giving small flower pots or potted plants as favors of the party. Even showers which have different kind of themes use flower pots as souvenirs too, because they serve as excellent remembrance of the event as plants continue to grow. These are ideal baby shower favors that the guests can nurture and cherish for years to come.

With the advent of the Internet, it is now easier to find unique ideas when it comes to baby shower favors. Apart from that, if you are looking for baby shower gifts, you can find a wide selection of cute and unique gift ideas online, from personalized baby clothes to personalized toys, and personalized nursery furniture to personalized baby gift baskets.

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Kitchen Organization Tips

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By Hunter Pyle

The American kitchen is busier than ever. We prepare our meals, eat and clean up in a hurry. In such a busy place, organization is key to keeping everything running smoothly.

Just like the office, your kitchen should be organized. If you’ve never organized a kitchen, it can seem like a daunting process. In such chaos, knowing where to start might even look impossible. Thankfully, there are some simple procedures that you can follow to keep your kitchen clean, tidy, and well arranged.

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The first thing you can do to subdue chaos in your kitchen is to identify zones within the space. A kitchen zone is an area where you perform the same task over and over, such as preparation of food before cooking, baking, serving, storage, or cleaning. Once you have designated these zones, it’s easy to optimize that part of the kitchen for the activities it plays host to most often.

When you embark on a major organization project, be sure to plan ahead. Don’t take everything out of the drawers and cabinets unless you know that you have a block of time to be devoted to the project. Invest time in deciding what appliances and supplies will end up in what location. If you have a plan for your kitchen ahead of time, you won’t be as likely to feel lost in the middle of your reorganization project. Consider your habits, the flow of traffic through your kitchen, and what appliances you use most often when planning your new kitchen. Then systematically remove everything from the kitchen and sort all items into categories.

You can then go through each category and choose items you want to keep and ones you want to discard. Items that you do not use often should be stored towards the back of the cabinet, or on top, to allow easy access to ones you use more frequently. If you have a hard time remembering what you keep in your drawers and cabinets, consider posting an inventory list on the inside of the doors. Another handy tip is to keep a grocery list on the inside of a cabinet door or on the refrigerator, where you can add to it easily when you think of something that needs to be purchased.

If you have trouble with forgotten items clustering at the back of your cabinet, try installing a Lazy Susan. These turntables will help you easily bring items at the back of the cabinet into view. Specialty organizational tools such as paper bag storage, turntable spice racks, and racks to hold plastic wrap and aluminum foil are available. These can help to save space and alleviate mess, but too many of them or ones purchased without forethought will contribute to clutter. Planning and careful consideration are of the utmost importance when organizing your kitchen. In addition, routine maintenance of the kitchen will lessen the need for major reorganizations. If you keep the amount of clutter in the kitchen low, your job will be easier in the long run.

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Nonretentive Encopresis And Toilet Training Process Refusal

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Nonretentive Encopresis and Toilet Training Process Refusal


Connie Limon

An inappropriate soiling without evidence of fecal constipation and retention is referred to as ‘nonretentive encopresis. Signs and symptoms of nonretentive encopresis include:

— Soiling accompanied by daily bowel movements that are normal in size and consistency

There is rarely an identifiable organic cause for nonretentive encopresis. A medical assessment is usually normal. A full developmental and behavioral assessment is necessary to determine if the child is ready for intervention to correct encopresis. The assessment is also necessary to identify any barriers to success of correcting encopresis, particularly disruptive behavior problems.

Successful therapy depends upon:

— The presence of soft, comfortable bowel movements

— Addressing toilet refusal behavior

Before therapy:

— Daily scheduled positive toilet sits are recommended

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— Incentives to reinforce successful defecation during these sits

— A plan for management of stool withholding agreed on by parents/caretakers and the family physician

Encopresis affects boys more than girls and may go undetected unless health professionals directly inquire about toileting habits.

About 80 to 95 percent of encopresis cases involve fecal constipation and retention. It is estimated that encopresis in which fecal retention is not a primary etiologic component is under-represented in the literature. Most of the time, children with the latter condition have daily, normal size and consistency bowel movements. Terms used to describe this problem include:

— Functional encopresis

— Primary nonretentive encopresis

— Stool toileting refusal

There are four subgroups these children may be further divided into:

— Those who fail to obtain initial bowel training

— Those who exhibit toilet ‘phobia’

— Those who use soiling to ‘manipulate’ their environment

— Those who have irritable bowel syndrome

Behavioral characteristics and toileting dynamics of children with nonrententive encopresis are well described; however, few specific treatment guidelines are available for family physicians.

Research of retentive encopresis

Over the past 20 years the treatment of retentive encopresis has progressed impressively, however, less attention has been paid to the 5 to 20 percent of cases in which constipation is not contributory, or where a child refuses the toilet-training process.

Evaluation for retentive encorpresis

In most cases, the family physician is who first identifies the problem of retentive encopresis and provides an intervention. If the problem is due to the child not being mature enough for toilet training, waiting until the child matures is the sensible answer. Many times, a lack of maturity is not the cause, but it is a child who is behaviorally resistant or parents who need information on effective behavior management or toilet-training techniques.

Possible causes for retentive encorpresis

The cause for a child’s resistance must be identified first. When the cause is determined, specific therapy can be started.

1. If the problem is related to a skill deficit such as opening the bathroom door, seating self on toilet or wiping then teaching and reinforcement of those skills the child lacks is preferred to passive waiting.

2. If the child is noncompliant with adult instructions, the physician may refer the family to a pediatric psychologist familiar with compliance training techniques.

In either of the two above cases, without active intervention, a strong-willed child may refuse toilet training and create unnecessary stress on the parent-child relationship, which may in turn increase the risk of abuse.

If you have a toddler who exhibits any of the characteristics of retentive encorpresis consult with your toddler’s pediatrician for an appropriate evaluation and treatment plan.

Source: American Academy of Family Physicians

Disclaimer: *This article is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any kind of a health problem. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult with your health care provider about any kind of a health problem and especially before beginning any kind of an exercise routine.

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Healthy Penis In Public Covering Up Accidental Slips}

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Healthy Penis in Public – Covering Up Accidental Slips


John Dugan

When a man has a healthy penis, he likes for others to admire it in the proper setting, such as a bedroom. Sometimes, however, penis slips occur while in public, putting a man in a situation where his manhood is suddenly on display for all to see. Exhibitionists may relish this situation, but for many men this can be a case for extreme embarrassment. Even those who have been practicing superb penis care don’t necessarily want that fact broadcast in public.

Below are several examples of penis slips and actions that a man can take to cover up and/or prevent the exposure. It always pays to be prepared.

The open fly.

This is probably the situation which affords the most unintentional public penis showings. A man is at a gathering and goes to the bathroom to relieve himself and forgets to zip back up when he is finished. He wanders back into a room full of people with his fly open. At first, things may be fine; no one notices the little faux pas, least of all the man himself. Unfortunately, he becomes engaged in a conversation with an especially attractive woman and after a minute realizes his healthy penis is poking out, firm and proud, from his pants.

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An evasive maneuver is most definitely called for. Crossing his hands in front of his crotch will do for a start, but if he has a full erection, this may not provide sufficient coverage. If an object, such as a book, is nearby, it can help to grab the object and hold it over the crotch. In a best case scenario, a man may be holding a jacket or sweater and can nonchalantly use this for a cover up. As soon as possible, he needs to excuse himself and retire to the bathroom or another private area to fix the situation.

Clearly, wearing underwear is one way to lessen the chance that the open fly issue will lead to a penis slip. It also helps to make sure that the fly on the underwear closes and covers properly.

Gym shorts.

Working out at the gym requires taking some wide open stances. In many cases, especially when on a bench press type of machine, this can result in the penis and testicles falling into view through the leg opening of the shorts.

Fortunately, most people carry a towel while doing a workout, so simply spreading the towel across the lap may be enough to hide penis slips of this sort. Also, wearing an athletic supporter rather than loose underwear can be a big help.

Rough waves.

Spending a summer day at the ocean can be great, especially when the surf is roaring and creating big waves. Unfortunately, sometimes those waves can pull down a guy’s swimsuit. In these cases, a man needs to keep the waist below water as he rights the situation.

But what if the wave is so rough it pulls the suit all the way off and a guy can’t find it? In this situation, he needs to remain waist-deep in water and get the attention of another male swimmer. Explain the situation and ask if he can please go ashore and return with a towel big enough to wrap around the midsection. He may get some ribbing from the guy, but it’s better than walking ashore and getting a public indecency citation.

Embarrassing as penis slips are, exposing a healthy penis is preferable to one with dry, flaky skin or other issues. Regularly using a quality penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps in this area. Natural hydrators like Shea butter and vitamin E should be included in the crme, to make sure the organ is well moisturized and the skin is at its best. In addition, a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid helps prevents an unsightly “wrinkled” penis look. And a crme with L-arginine can prevent a display of broken capillaries in the member. If it is going to be shown, show it at its best!


for more information about treating common penis health problems, including soreness, redness and loss of penis sensation. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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Healthy Penis in Public – Covering Up Accidental Slips }