Healthy Penis in Public – Covering Up Accidental Slips


John Dugan

When a man has a healthy penis, he likes for others to admire it in the proper setting, such as a bedroom. Sometimes, however, penis slips occur while in public, putting a man in a situation where his manhood is suddenly on display for all to see. Exhibitionists may relish this situation, but for many men this can be a case for extreme embarrassment. Even those who have been practicing superb penis care don’t necessarily want that fact broadcast in public.

Below are several examples of penis slips and actions that a man can take to cover up and/or prevent the exposure. It always pays to be prepared.

The open fly.

This is probably the situation which affords the most unintentional public penis showings. A man is at a gathering and goes to the bathroom to relieve himself and forgets to zip back up when he is finished. He wanders back into a room full of people with his fly open. At first, things may be fine; no one notices the little faux pas, least of all the man himself. Unfortunately, he becomes engaged in a conversation with an especially attractive woman and after a minute realizes his healthy penis is poking out, firm and proud, from his pants.


An evasive maneuver is most definitely called for. Crossing his hands in front of his crotch will do for a start, but if he has a full erection, this may not provide sufficient coverage. If an object, such as a book, is nearby, it can help to grab the object and hold it over the crotch. In a best case scenario, a man may be holding a jacket or sweater and can nonchalantly use this for a cover up. As soon as possible, he needs to excuse himself and retire to the bathroom or another private area to fix the situation.

Clearly, wearing underwear is one way to lessen the chance that the open fly issue will lead to a penis slip. It also helps to make sure that the fly on the underwear closes and covers properly.

Gym shorts.

Working out at the gym requires taking some wide open stances. In many cases, especially when on a bench press type of machine, this can result in the penis and testicles falling into view through the leg opening of the shorts.

Fortunately, most people carry a towel while doing a workout, so simply spreading the towel across the lap may be enough to hide penis slips of this sort. Also, wearing an athletic supporter rather than loose underwear can be a big help.

Rough waves.

Spending a summer day at the ocean can be great, especially when the surf is roaring and creating big waves. Unfortunately, sometimes those waves can pull down a guy’s swimsuit. In these cases, a man needs to keep the waist below water as he rights the situation.

But what if the wave is so rough it pulls the suit all the way off and a guy can’t find it? In this situation, he needs to remain waist-deep in water and get the attention of another male swimmer. Explain the situation and ask if he can please go ashore and return with a towel big enough to wrap around the midsection. He may get some ribbing from the guy, but it’s better than walking ashore and getting a public indecency citation.

Embarrassing as penis slips are, exposing a healthy penis is preferable to one with dry, flaky skin or other issues. Regularly using a quality penis health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps in this area. Natural hydrators like Shea butter and vitamin E should be included in the crme, to make sure the organ is well moisturized and the skin is at its best. In addition, a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid helps prevents an unsightly “wrinkled” penis look. And a crme with L-arginine can prevent a display of broken capillaries in the member. If it is going to be shown, show it at its best!


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