What Does A Hung Parliament Mean For The Property Market?}

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What does a hung parliament mean for the property market?


Graham Flaherty

Now we have had time to let the dust settle, we can fully explore what a hung parliament means for the property market

When we were looking to the general election of June 2017, it is safe to say most people were anticipating a comfortable win for Theresa May. Instead in a shocking twist of fate, the Conservatives lost their majority, and had to seek out a coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party – a Northern Irish political party.

Obviously, being in coalition, the Democratic Unionist Party will wield greater influence on new policies. The DUP is the Conservatives common ally, as both parties share a similar political outlook. The DUP however, represents a different section of society mainly the protestant Northern Irish working class. It will be interesting to see what policies they will promote, especially in terms of house building as the DUP had previously pledged to build 8000 social and affordable houses by 2020. The Conservatives had pledged to build 1 million homes by the end of 2020, suggesting that this will be high on the agenda for both parties as they work out a coalition.

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Many investors and landlords seem to have backed a Conservative win, although no political party has been especially kind to the buy to let industry. They had proposed certain policies that would benefit buy to let investors, such as cutting corporation tax to 17% by 2020 useful to those operating buy-to-lets through a limited company.

Former housing minister Gavin Barwell lost his seat and has been replaced with Alok Sharma, a chartered accountant with no background in housing. Several bodies within the property industry have expressed concerns over Sharmas lack of experience, but what policies he will instigate and their success remains to be seen. Regardless, there have been 14 housing ministers since 1997, suggesting that they have barely had time to get to grips the housing market and implement real change before being replaced.

The most pressing issue about the outcome of this election is that it has not provided the population with a definitive government. There was high confidence that Theresa May would secure a majority, but instead we are facing further uncertainty. This affects the property market in that people are not willing to make large financial decisions like moving home or purchasing another property.

Over the next few months we can expect opportunities for those who are willing to take advantage of the short-term lack of demand. Those who have taken advantage of the uncertainty and have made a purchase could certainly see a medium-term uplift in their investment. Says investment director at One Touch Property Arran Kerkvliet. Investors and homebuyers will be bracing themselves for new policies and the effect this will have on the housing market. Once policies have been announced we will see the market start tostabilise. Although perhaps not great news for those looking to sell their properties, it could be an ideal time for those looking to buy or invest, as with less demand properties will be selling for more competitive prices.

A constant in the housing market is that demand is still outweighing supply, and that is not expected to change any time soon. There are always some types of property investments that fare better over political uncertainty. The facts remain that the medium-term fundamentals of the UK residential buy to let market remain strong because there is a lack of new development. Where developers are uncertain of sales, they will be reluctant to build more properties. Since the 1970s, there has been a decline in house building in the UK, and this coupled with an increase in net migration has resulted in a housing crisis. An economist named Kate Barker concluded that 250,000 new houses should be constructed each year to accommodate the growing population, but between 2012 – 2015 house building hovered around 150,000 far below what is required.

There are properties that are in constant demand such as care home investments. By 2040 nearly one in 7 people in the UK are expected to be over the age of 75, and with an ageing population comes an increase in the instances of degenerative diseases such as dementia. Underfunding of the NHS and local government means that the UK is increasingly reliant upon private investors to make up the shortfall. Something, such as a demographic change is unstoppable, which provides individuals with a robust investment option which also gives back to the community. Investments such as this luxury care home in Cornwall offer some of the highest yields, and CBRE has cited retirement living as being a revolution, offering an interesting new option for long income buyers.

Investments such as this

luxury care home in Cornwall

offer some of the highest yields, and CBRE has cited retirement living as being a revolution, offering an interesting new option for long income buyers.

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Custom Homes In Northern Virginia And Frederick, Maryland

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Custom Homes in Northern Virginia and Frederick, Maryland by greentreehomes

If you are planning to purchase custom homes or new homes in Northern Virginia or Frederick, Maryland then custom builders are the best option for finding them. You can easily find dedicated and customer-focused custom homebuilders that provide high-quality and value-added custom homes for your daily life style needs. The custom builders of Virginia or Frederick, Maryland have the reputation for excellence and unmatched quality in home construction field. With exceptional real estate listings in Frederick County and Loudoun County, the custom home builders also specialize in unique new homes and communities.

When a custom home builder is hired, the homeowner can get specifically what they want according to their budget and invest in a new home that will bring optimum returns in the future, quality, as well as enjoyment. If you have purchased your own tract of land to build your home on, a custom builder or new home builder of Virginia or Frederick, Maryland will be able to fit the home into the surroundings and the desired placement. You can work with the builder and crew and can have complete control over every minute detail from the type of material used on your floor to the size and shape of the home’s windows, doors etc.

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This level of involvement also assures that you are getting the best possible quality products in the construction of your new home. You can buy a new home that has a view of the future with ENERGY STAR features throughout. ENERGY STAR homes have multiple advantages including:

Lower utility bills Lower maintenance Environmental protection

The ENERGY STAR qualified homes use substantially less energy resulting in savings on utility bills. With these homes you can have the peace of mind that comes with extremely low-maintenance homes. Tight construction and long-lasting efficient amenities make the homes more reliable, durable, and helps to minimize many of the maintenance problems found in typical homes. Buying an ENERGY STAR qualified home is a decision you can be proud of. By using less energy, your new ENERGY STAR qualified home assists to minimize the amount of air pollution generated.

Shawn Kelly is the VP of Sales and Marketing for Greentree Homes in Frederick, MD. Shawn oversees the companys sales and marketing needs as well as front-line sales. Shawn has been with Greentree Homes since 1999. Shawn has his BA Political Science from The Catholic University of America Washington DC, with Graduate Studies at Springfield College, Springfield MA.Article Source:

Why You Choose Satellite Direct}

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In case you’re simply beginning out with subsidiary showcasing, then Satellite Direct would be a consistent spot to go to. Joining as a distributer is free and moment, without any manual endorsements. Here are a few reasons why you may need to attempt Satellite Direct:

Wide Selection of Offers Besides having huge amounts of traders, Satellite Direct likewise offers distinctive kind of offers. Other than the commonplace Pay-Per-Sale bargain, you can likewise discover Pay-Per-Lead or Pay-Per-Call offers.

Made Merchants Most of the dealers in Satellite Direct have a tendency to be of the more settled, Fortune-500 kind of organizations. For subsidiaries, this implies that.

Satellite Direct Stats Transparent Performance Stats Satellite Direct’s minimal green bar and 3 Month/ 7 Day EPC (Earnings Per 1,000 Clicks) lets you know precisely how singular vendors are getting along inside the Satellite Direct system. This is truly helpful as we just need to push dealers who are doing equity to their partners.

Huge amounts of Affiliate Banners Every shipper has huge amounts of standards and promoting material, facilitated by Satellite Direct. Every pennant likewise shows the same.

Singular Product Links You can likewise interface specifically to individual items, despite the fact that this is not valid for all dealers. Interfacing specifically to an item, as you may know, is the best approach to make partner deals. execution details so you can decide to utilize just the pennants that are doing admirably.

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Concentrated Affiliate Payments All commissions are paid by Satellite Direct themselves, not the individual dealers. This implies that your paychecks are unsurprising and secured.

Satellite Direct Review Disadvantages

Albeit Satellite Direct is an extraordinary subsidiary system, it unquestionably has its impart of drawbacks. Here are probably the most clear ones:

Publicist Application Process Unlike Clickbank where you’re allowed to push any member program you need, in Satellite Direct you need to physically apply to individual dealers and consent to individual terms of administration.

Makeshift Advertiser Deactivation Because of the charging process between Satellite Direct and its dealers, you continually get “Publicist Deactivated” warnings. It’s really irritating to realize that once the sponsor has been briefly deactivated, you generally won’t get commissions for that trader.

Absence of Standardization Each trader has their own particular terms of administration (TOS) and discount terms, which implies that all your payments are taken care of in an unexpected way. What is alright with one shipper may not sit well with an alternate, for instance purchasing an item with your own particular member connection and utilizing trademarks as a part of your advertising. Staying informed regarding all these changing terms is a genuine cerebral pain.

Outdated Conversion Tracking Satellite Direct’s details and reporting gimmicks are antiquated no doubt. Their associate truly merit more transformation information than simply commission date and TID following. In spite of the fact that they do give an API to outsider reporting combination, it would be incredible on the off chance that they can give more subtle elements to the partners straightforwardly.

Join Encryption and Protection Satellite Direct offers the choice to finish encode your connection with the goal that your partner ID is shrouded and capturing is outlandish.

No Paypal Payment Option I don’t think about you, however I want to get my subsidiary payments specifically in my Paypal record. Checks are so dreary to manage and botch your money stream. Albeit Satellite Direct does offer an ACH (bank exchange) alternative, this is just for associates from a couple of nations.

Notoriety for Closing Accounts Satellite Direct has a notoriety for shutting “inert” offshoot accounts. Indeed my record was shut a couple of years back despite the fact that I was making consistent commissions from Satellite Direct, and they never reacted to my messages with reference to why my record was shut.

Satellite Direct Review Negative Press

Here’s some not really complimenting (now and again absolute scorching) surveys of Satellite Direct. I accept most are misrepresented, however there may be some underlying truth. Additionally, some audit are much more established and may never again be relevant.

Satellite Direct is a Joke and a Scam A pissed off discussion client whining that he “just gathered $38.70 from 8,000,000 page impressions and 8000+ clicks”. A few other gathering part relate comparable encounters.

Satellite Direct Deletes Accounts And Steals Commissions An informal report about Satellite Direct shutting records and vaporizing associate commissions. No official replies to this report.

Albeit I for one don’t accept that Satellite Direct has any vindictive aim towards members, it does appear that their subjective activities and absence of correspondence has pissed off a ton of associates previously. A pissed off associate has a tendency to enlighten whoever will listen regarding Satellite Directs flaws.

I think they have to either re-brand themselves with an alternate name, or contract an okay PR firm to clear up their inexorably awful notoriety.

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