Do You Still Vape On Disposables?

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If you are a confirmed vaper, chances are you have already made the switch to using an e-cigarette with liquid refill capabilities. If not, it’s time to ditch the disposables and take on a more refined, upscale way of enjoying vaping.

The Art Of Vaping

Vaping is the drawing of (usually) flavored vapor out of an electronic cigarette. Liquid inside the device’s cartomizer is vaporized into steam when the atomizer is heated from battery power. This process happens when suction is applied at the tip of the device.

E-cigs were originally introduced in China as a method of weaning smokers away from tobacco products by enabling them to get their “hit” of nicotine without burning any tobacco. Tobacco itself is not the most harmful thing to a smoker or people nearby, but the large amount of different chemicals that are present in the smoke is what is the most detrimental to human health. The nicotine in the tobacco is the addictive chemical that drives most people to want to smoke more. If a device like an e-cig can provide nicotine without burning tobacco, the vaper can slowly cut down on the percentage of nicotine in the vapor and then possibly give up on it altogether.

Longer-lasting e-cigs

E-cigs have become product in their own right and people are vaping because they like to; not just because they want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. In the early days of electronic cigarettes, they were made to a size and shape that resembled “real” cigarettes. These could be switched off when not actually vaping but their batteries had a limited life and the amount of fluid to vaporize (the e-juice) was quite small. When one or the other was exhausted, the e-cig had to be thrown away. E-cigarette liquid refill and rechargeable/replaceable batteries became available to dedicated vapers who did not want to continue to accumulate so much wasteful material.

If you vape, you are going to want a reliable source for an e-cigarette liquid refill. You need look no further than the online store of Mt Baker Vapor at . For your safety, their juices only contain American-sourced ingredients.

Disagree On The Wedding Venue? Tips To Present Your Case To Your Partner

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byAlma Abell

You’ve been experiencing magic since you met the special person in your life.

You know that getting married is the right choice, but you are having a problem regarding wedding reception venues. You want to get married in one place but your partner doesn’t. The following will help him or her understand your perspective.

Consider the Price

One of the most effective ways to make your case is to simply consider the price. Try to crunch your numbers so that your wedding reception venue is cheaper than the venue your partner wants. It may seem a little deceptive, but everyone wants to save money at the end of the day.

Use Travel Distance

Some wedding reception venues are closer to family members than others. Hopefully, the venue you want is closer to family members and friends, which should give you great ammunition during the discussion regarding where the reception and wedding should be held. If necessary, choose another location that will work in your favor.

Tour the Venue in Person

There are venues that you have to see to believe. The experience cannot be felt in photographs, so the best thing you can do is simply visit the location with your partner. Let him or her be swept up in the magic and the possibility of getting married in the venue you prefer.

Of course, make sure the venue allows tours like the Carriage Greens Country Club. All you have to do is visit to set up an appointment so that you can really visualize your wedding there. Be open to your partner’s ideas, and try to incorporate them into the wedding so that he or she feels better about the decisions you two make together. Like us on our facebook page.

Destination Dallas

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Looking for a fun weekend getaway in Texas? Consider staying at a bed and breakfast near Dallas. Dallas is one of the nation’s most exciting and vibrant cities, but drive just 30 miles in almost any direction and you can find small towns with all the charm you would expect in down-home Texas. Staying at a bed and breakfast near Dallas can maximize the charm and still put you in close vicinity to the city.

There are lots of things to see and do in Dallas. The new Dallas Arts District is an innovation in the world of the fine arts. The area contains the Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Wylie Opera House, Dallas Theater Center, Crow Collection of Asian Art, Myerson Symphony Center, and Dallas Black Dance Theater, all within the space of a few blocks. In the last year alone, three new venues have appeared. The Dallas Performing Arts Center hosts the best in Broadway tours as well as high caliber local performances. The brand new Perot Museum is an interactive science museum aimed at children, but full of fascinating information for adults as well. Klyde Warren Park recently opened as a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. It frequently hosts performing arts events as well as the city’s famous gourmet food trucks.

Nearby, is the infamous Dealey Plaza and Sixth Floor Museum, commemorating the assassination of JFK. Though a saddening reminder of a tragic time, the museum is nonetheless one of the most popular sites for visitors to the city. To cheer yourself up afterwards, head a few blocks over to Main Street where you can see the flagship Neiman Marcus, the flagship for luxury shopping in Dallas. If that sounds a little too ritzy, just go further down on Main Street to Deep Ellum, a hip area full of colorful murals, bars, unique local restaurants, and the Undermain Theater, hailed as “one of the best small theaters in America.”

Choosing a bed and breakfast Dallas area also puts you at a good distance from the many things to do outside the city as well. You could visit Southfork Ranch where the original series of Dallas was filmed. Arlington is home to both the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, so if you’re a sports fan you can try to catch a game. Even if it’s not football season, the newly built Cowboys’ Stadium offers tours year round. With all the things to see in the area, you may need to expand your weekend trip into a week. Good thing you have beautiful accommodations at a bed and breakfast near Dallas.

Beaumont Ranch is a bed and breakfast near Dallas that is located on a fully functional 800 acre cattle ranch.