Worth of Energy Efficient Homes in Maryland


AdvantagehomeusaPurchasing a new home that is energy efficient and cost effective is like a dream in Maryland. Maryland home builders

construct energy efficient, well-equipped and cost efficient homes for their customers. Maryland home builders provide one of the widest assortments of energy saving homes in the neighboring areas such as Frederick, Urbana, and Brunswick. In addition, these construction companies not only make your search for your

new town homes

in Frederick, Urbana, and Brunswick easy but also help you through out the transaction process with their expert and proficient customer services. One can easily find and locate energy efficient homes with the help of experienced home builders.


Few home builders

make a commitment to building 100% of their homes to ENERGY STAR performance guidelines. This means that every home is built beyond ENERGY STAR standards for energy efficiency set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for ENERGY STAR as certified by a third party inspector. This commitment is for every home enhanced quality and energy savings are delivered to you without additional charge.

Feature OF Energy Efficient Homes

  • Every home is certified by an authorized third party inspector.
  • Low-E double paned single hung windows – keeps heat in during winter and out during summer.
  • High efficiency 90+ natural gas direct vent furnace, 13 seer high efficiency air conditioner, programmable thermostat.
  • 50-Gallon high efficiency gas hot water heater – that uses 10-15% less energy than standard hot water heaters.
  • Air seal package for entire house including mastic on duct work.
  • Genuine Tyvek housewrap – Provides an effective water barrier and windbreaker
  • Insulated Garage Walls/Ceiling/Garage Door for Attached Garages
  • ENERGY STAR Kitchen Appliances – use 10 to 50 percent less energy
  • Premium Insulation Package – attic, basement, floors walls and ceilings – R49 in most areas of attic, R15 in exterior walls

Buying a home built beyond ENERGY STARstandards will help you save money. ENERGY STAR certified homes

are at least 15% more energy efficient than the normal homes, and Advantage Homes offers an energy savings of up to 42%. Home Builders constructs energy saving

Maryland new homes

using more efficient insulation and windows and better sealing. They also utilize a high-efficiency heating system with standard programmable thermostat.

All these fabulous attractions make Maryland an ideal and perfect base to live and work. A new energy efficient home/house

is a great idea if you wish to start from scratch and signature your identity on a Maryland property. Many homebuilders provide you the opportunity to pick your own specific house for satisfaction. So, whether it’s your first or your last home, it should enhance your personality, lifestyle, accommodate your ever-transforming ambitious needs and serve as a sound return on investment.

Jim McCormack, Vice President (Sales and Marketing) is associated with the Advantage Homes, LLC. Advantage Homes is selling new homes in Frederick, MD at Urbana Highlands and Brunswick Crossing. These new homes in Frederick, MD provide superior construction, timeless quality, ENERGY STAR certification and unparalleled standard features. In addition, they also give their home buyers a personalized experience that puts them at ease. The home building company is highly selective about their materials and trade partners.

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