Tips On Caring For Your Antique Book Collection

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Tips On Caring For Your Antique Book Collection by Victor Epand

An antique book collection can be a treasure of a lifetime and is usually the owner’s pride and prized possession. Therefore, you need to take a lot of care of your antique books. The more the rarity and value of the book, the more you will be inspired to take care and preserve the same. Similarly, the fact that many of these books are available in single copies and cannot be obtained again, makes it a must for you to take good care of your antique books.

When handling an antique book or even a collection, a few basics need to be adhered to, which otherwise we tend to take lightly. Making notes and having food and drinks along with the book must be avoided at all costs. Shelving the book in the right manner certainly increases its life. Books must be shelved in a standing upright position and they should have enough space on top to avoid hitting the top shelf, which could damage the binding of the books. Even when kept in a box, they should be in a vertical position only. Overcrowding can cause pressure on the spine of the books and cause it to give way.

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The main causes of damage are heat and moisture, as sunlight can dry out the pages and cause them to crumble. Likewise excess moisture can cause mildew which will eventually damage the prized possession. Covering the books with Mylar, an acid free plastic, will keep the oil on your fingertips from creating smudges on the cover. Do not use plastic covers or bags of poor quality to store your books in. The plastic could stick to the outer cover of the book, and cause damage to it.

Glass cabinets are the best dust proof places to store books in, as open shelves gather dust most often. Cabinets should be placed at the most appropriate place so that the books are not exposed to too much light and heat, to avoid damage and subsequent devaluation of the books.

Do not fold the corners of the pages, while reading the books. Instead, make use of bookmarks to mark your place in the book. Care should be taken not to leave any pen or clips in the books as this tends to damage the spine of the books. If the pages are yellowing, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the process; keeping it in an airtight container can be the only remedy to arrest the yellowing of pages.

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