Should Teenagers Get Breast Reductions?


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There has always been controversy centered on whether or not teenage girls should be allowed to go through cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast reductions. Many people believe that even the thought of allowing someone that young to go through this type of operation is unacceptable. However, there are cases where the surgery could benefit them.

For many people, the teenage years represent some of the most awkward times in their lives. It may be okay if parents and close relatives only noticed that awkwardness, but most times this isn’t really the case. There are also fellow peers who not only notice it, but they choose to make fun of it.


For instance, there are some teens that experience severe cases of acne that they have to constantly deal with, which causes them to have a low self-image. It doesn’t help when other students make rude comments about their issue. So, if students will make fun of someone with an acne issue, just think of the trouble a girl with extra large breasts would have. She would constantly have to worry about people making fun of her along with stares and strange looks from others. That’s why breast reductions are so beneficial in these cases. They help to alleviate these types of problems.

Now, this isn’t to say that all teenagers are bullies. There are some who may make insensitive remarks, not knowing that they are actually being rude. They may make comments out of curiosity. That’s because seeing a girl with extra large breasts at their age is not a normal thing. So, the girl would not only have to deal with bullies, but she’d also have to endure hearing remarks from those who are just genuinely curious.

Having to constantly handle these types of issues could really weigh heavily on someone, even adults. Therefore, the impact would be multiplied in the case of a young teen girl. This could cause her to go into depression and even begin dreading going to school.

In addition to the emotional relief, breast reductions provide physical relief in many cases. Carrying around a disproportionate amount of weight centered in one particular area can cause back problems, neck problems, and more. Surgery can relieve much of that discomfort in many cases.

So, it’s clear to see that in certain cases, breast reductions can actually be extremely beneficial for some teenagers. Of course, there are many instances where it may not be appropriate for growing teens to go through cosmetic surgery procedures. On the other hand, there are situations, such as the aforementioned, where these types of operations can help to make their lives much better.

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Should Teenagers Get Breast Reductions?