Both the Cherry Master and Fruit Bonus games are played for amusement and money. They are played differently, though. And there are different tips on how to beat each individual game. Computerized slot machines such as the Cherry Master prompt you to put in money so you can line up symbols. Once these certain symbols become aligned, you will be given credits in cash prizes or other varying credits. In some states in the US, this game is outlawed, but you can still find it in some cities like Las Vegas that allow gambling. You need a keen eye for details, patience and time in order to beat this gaming machine.Before you deposit any money on a Cherry Master machine, you first watch the mode of the software. Some software development companies provide secrets on how you can beat the game. Games and Dyna are only 2 of the most popular producers of the game software, and the games from these companies are the easiest to beat. You may decrease your winning odds playing the game developed by some other developers. Avoid playing with a Cherry Master machine that requires you feed in money in large amounts or place large bets. You might be offered a higher payout, but you’ll find it more difficult to beat, so you end up spending more, sometimes hundreds of dollars, before you are able to recoup even half of your total bets. Note that the more slots are available on the screen, the harder it is to win. You have increased winning odds with fewer slots because the machine cycles faster through possible combinations.The Fruit Bonus games, on the other hand, are also played for entertainment and money. Originally, it was intended to amuse and give a small prize. However, over the years, the game progressed to allow higher stakes and bigger payouts. Although the game has a really different game structure, there are also tips and suggestions offered to players in order to widen their chances of winning the game.To start with, you must play the Fruit Bonus game for fun and entertainment. If you are enjoying the game, you wouldn’t care much about winning. This will prevent you to feel disappointed in case you lose, but if you win, you can consider it a great bonus. You can learn playing the game from an online casino. Once you have known the rules and some strategies, you can jump into the Fruit Bonus game by playing for money. One advice to this is that you should play only with money that you can afford to lose.Look for Fruit Bonus sites that offer promotions and bonuses. If you like, you can join some online Fruit machines club and make sure that you take advantage of the rebates, bonuses, prizes and other special deals that the clubs offer. If you want higher payouts, play the possible maximum coins, or the highest denomination that you can afford. This is where you can find offers of more chances of winning and higher payouts.