So far, wire transfer is a very easy method to get the money transferred across oceans. It is opted for when the transfer has to be immediate and the duration for completion of this process is normally 48 hours, thanks to the introduction of swift code. Because of the quick nature of transfers, this option is now highly sought after by increasing number of individuals. The flexibility, especially no charge on transfer after a certain amount are a few features that ensure more and more people look forward to it.Let us see what HDFC and ICICI has to offer here. The HDFC charges nothing when money is received through this mode. However, the correspondent or intermediary bank may put some charge on receiver. .Now, basically the HDFC gets a draft directly from foreign bank and then, the draft is cashed to receivers account or in hand. However, no information about exchange rate will be offered by HDFC as the wire transfer is not collected directly. So, you can request the copy of credit advice that is sent by foreign bank. Here the fees will be stated and it can be approximately 500 INR.ICICI, on the other hand, charges some amount as fees on current accounts, if they are receiving money via wire transfer. Normal charge is 250 INR plus the service taxes. The information about foreign exchange can be availed in a weeks time or a little more. Yet, these things do not come into the way as wire transfers are very safe, fast and immediate. You can completely rely on this system and that is why, its popularity is increasing with each passing day.