Reasons Why You Should Buy Gmail Accounts That Have Been Verified


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The question asked by many is why someone would want to buy Gmail accounts when they are available for free on Google. The reason why people especially those in business buy these accounts is because the law does not allow them to own many accounts under the same name. Therefore, at the moment, Google has come up with a name to regulate accounts such that you cannot possible register several accounts under the same name. Again one person is only allowed to have two Gmail accounts. This limitation has made many people who need multiple accounts to resort to buying them instead.

Although the sale of these accounts is illegal, people still find a way to buy Facebook accounts or to buy yahoo accounts, most of the selling and buying is done underground and there is a whole ready market for those who want to sell these accounts. You need to know that because this is an illegal trade, anyone found buying or selling these accounts could be charged for violating the law. This way you will not be able to buy or sell the accounts anymore. There are those marketers and virtual assistants who are more than ready to help you out through the process.


This is not to say that it is always illegal to create accounts for business. The same applies to other websites. For example if you wish to buy Hotmail accounts then there are legal channels for doing so. These legitimate sites will not let you buy accounts in bulk and in a hurry. There is due process that is always followed. You first start off by hiring a virtual assistant that will help you create these accounts as required by Google. You will just need to give the relevant information to your virtual assistant like the basic information of the account holder.

The thing is many find this to be too much of a hassle and instead resort to just buying the accounts, as this is faster and cheaper. All you have to do is ensure that the accounts you buy have been verified by Google. For this you will need a virtual assistant. What he or she does is to verify the accounts that have been bought using numbers that belong to your business. This way if you have a client who has already created the two Gmail accounts allowed by Google then they get new accounts without too much trouble.

You will need to buy Gmail accounts that have been verified, as this will make your work a whole lot easier. This account creation is mostly featured by those companies that would wish to open up a range of Gmail accounts. If you decide to buy Gmail accounts, ensure that you are dealing with the right service provider. You do not want to spend a whole lot of money on a service that is no worth it. Ensure that you also receive real value for the money you will have spent.

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