byAlma Abell

Atlanta is a bustling city of high-class living, incredible indoor theaters, and spacious shopping districts that sit by the main bridge and downtown area of Atlanta. With its tight roadways and hilly up-and-down walkways, it can be a bit chaotic, as if a mouse in a maze. But once one gets to the event, it is a historically rich and gorgeous area suitable for all sorts of amazing event.

This is the Atlanta Event Center at Opera in the heartland of Atlanta, and its atmosphere is a stunning collection of organized seating, thick red curtains, and whimsical chandeliers. But what is a venue without a concept to unite it? Below are some great ideas to ignite the next great event in Atlanta.

Now these ideas can apply to various types of events, which the Atlanta House is more than capable of catering to and accommodating. This could include an Anniversary, corporate gathering, wedding, birthday, prom, religious event, or just a special get together for family and friends.

The Theme in the Food

Truthfully, the Caterers in Atlanta GA specialize in providing unique dishes and themes that set the tone for the event. The organic movement is coming in string, and for good reason. These healthy alternatives are really bringing longevity and health to people who were unaware of it before. An all organic menu could expose people to a healthy aesthetic that is high-end and very appealing.

The opposite can apply, especially if the event is a more casual and laid-back affair. Barbeque or Italian or fun staples to Caterers in Atlanta GA and could fit a more relaxed tone to the event and party. Of course, holiday gatherings could fit special accommodations, such as Christmas deserts or a Valentine’s theme.

Food One Step Further

There is not much of an event without the full palette, including specialty cocktails and even themed utensils. A small example could include a punch bowl for Halloween or special seasonal alcohol beverages for the fall.

In an effort to make the greatest event possible, keep the focus on the heart of the event- the food. Relax and allow the Atlanta Event Center at Opera to pick up the pieces and find comfort through deliciousness.