Are you a nomad? Of course, who doesn’t like to explore new countries? Taking time out of your busy schedule and planning to relax for a few days with your family is in your bucket list? Travelling abroad requires taking care of many items, such as visas, passports and their health as well. Often, during a trip, people overlook their health needs thinking they’d only be at a location for some time. But problems with illness or safety can occur anywhere and anytime. So, this is the best practice to be prepared for the worst circumstances and taking precautions so that one can handle the situation, especially when you are planning to travel countries where the cost of medical expenses is pretty high.

That is where an Overseas Visitor Health Insurance (OVHC) comes into the picture. Usually, this type of insurance plan is short-term and offers protection against any accidental injury or disease while travelling to another country. There are several questions people have regarding this type of insurance. Below are some of the customers’ frequently asked questions you’d like to know before you go ahead with the travel plan. In Australia, purchasing a Visitor Health Insurance is not mandatory for tourist visas; however, the government of Australia always recommends buying one prior to travelling the country to avoid unwanted health emergencies.

What is the difference between Visitor Insurance and travel insurance plan?

Visitor health plans are somewhat similar in terms of benefits to the travel insurance. Nonetheless, the former fulfils the insurer’s medical requirements explicitly when visiting another country along with other travel insurance costs. On the other hand, travel insurance covers for travel expenses, such as luggage loss, delayed flights, fraud and even delayed flights.

When should you purchase it?

The right time to purchase it is before travel. Only after you have entirely ascertained your travel plans and ensure all your travel documents are in place, you should buy a health insurance plan for the visitor. It is best to buy it in a way so that the insurance plan starts functioning from the date of departure, and you can be covered right from the start of your journey.

What is the minimum duration of coverage?

The standard length of health insurance coverage for tourists varies from one insurance provider to another. Talk to various insurance companies until you find one that suits your needs and the length of your stay in another country. Always remember to keep the insurance for the entire duration of your visit to avoid any health-related medical expense.

What is covered by the OVHC?

The benefits vary from one provider to another. However, generally, Visitor health benefits cover much of your medical needs, such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Medicines Prices
  • Health cover costs for visitors
  • Hospital costs
  • Surgery costs
  • Dental costs
  • Health injuries
  • Emergency Disposal
  • The cost of getting home in the event of a disease, death or accident
  • Assistance in legal matters
  • Loss of baggage
  • Delay in flights, cancellation costs
  • Theft

What should you keep in mind while buying the insurance?

You can buy this insurance by contacting an insurer either online or conventionally. A wrong buy can cause you a lot of money. So, it is always recommended that you should research before buying the policy. Not only that, but you should also buy the plan according to the needs. Budget is still a key factor; however, you should also check what benefits you are getting. can be your go-to go site while buying a visitor’s health cover. We understand that it is quite a hefty job to visit every insurance provider’s website to know the best deal. But, makes this easy for you. You can get the quote from the leading insurance provider’s by providing the visa type, start and end date. You can compare the plans and buy what is best suited for you.

Allianz Global Assistance is a big name when it comes to buying an OVHC policy. They are operating in 66 countries, catering to millions of consumers, providing a wide variety of products and insurance services. With 24*7 availability and an extensive network of medical practitioners, Allianz OVHC is undoubtedly a trustworthy name while buying an Overseas Visitor Cover.

Being in a foreign country is your dream, and you are expecting it to be a daunting experience. So, any mishap or illness during that time can be quite upsetting. The costs of medical care are also much costlier overseas, which makes it extremely essential to remain protected. So, if you don’t have it, it’s time to start looking for the best health insurance for visitors, instead of merely choosing cheap health insurance plans that give them little coverage.