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Theme park designers can support the identity of any type of theme park with park benches and picnic tables for sale whose aesthetics mirror and compliment the grounds. For a basic park theme, the elaborate designs and bright colors featured in our inventory will compliment any brightly painted buildings, extravagant shows, adrenalin-pumping rides, and carnival booths. Special models are also available that can proudly display your park brand on the back rest.

If you are designing a water park, you will want something that will compliment the pleasant qualities of water. There are many table and bench models that feature elegant curves and radial designs that invite you to sit down in relaxed comfort.

Zoo parks have a distinctively wild sense about them. We have a number of low-profile outdoor furniture options that will blend well into the natural landscape. Theme park designers can also choose between varying shades of green and earth tones that will blend even more into their exotic environment and make the wilderness look warm and inviting to your guests.

Choose park benches and picnic tables for sale whose colors, styles, and sizes to accommodate park goers of all ages.


If you are targeting a certain age group, bear in mind that there are multiple size options available to accommodate persons, couples, or entire families all at different stages at in life.

One of our more notable options is the childrens table. It provides kids who are already excited about the days events with a safer place to eat candy, drink coke, and joke around with one another. The edges of the tabletop are completely rounded off to avoid cutting rambunctious limbs. The seats are also lower to the ground to minimize the risk of serious injury if children get restless and fall.

There are also models in our inventory ideally suited to senior citizens who get the most enjoyment from watching children and adults enjoy the attractions of the park.

Theme park designers can always call one of our experienced consultants for assistance in choosing the most appropriate park benches and picnic tables for sale. We know that you are an expert in your field. At the same time we know you have much greater considerations than looking over every single piece of outdoor furniture on our site.

If you are pressed with pressing deadlines and an overwhelming amount of multi-tasking, call us and allow one of our experts to help you populate the main attractions in your facility with the most appropriate pieces of outdoor furniture.

Be mindful, too, of the economic benefits that you as a theme park designer can pass on in the form of vandal resistant, low-maintenance park benches and picnic tables for sale. Virtually all of our outdoor tables and benches are coated with a patented material known as Thermoplastic. Thermoplastic offers your clients many advantages in terms of cost-saving return on investment. First, it prevents UV radiation from fading the colors of paint.

Secondly, it features a high level of vandal resistance. It takes deliberate effort with a sharp object to partially cut into its surface. Such cuts can be quickly repaired with a heat gun which literally reseals the cut without permanent, visible scars remaining.

If you are a theme park designer being asked to justify ROI on every line item, point out the tangible savings the park owners can expect from durable, attractive park benches and picnic tables for sale that will last for decades to come.

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