Personalizing The Ring Bearer Pillow}

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Submitted by: MohitJain

The ring bearer pillow is what is used to carry the rings down the aisle which the bride and groom will exchange during the wedding ceremony. Usually the ring bearer is a member of either the bride or grooms family between the ages of three and ten. At that age many times the little boy may have trouble standing still during the wedding ceremony so to ensure that the rings are not lost or dropped while the bride and groom are saying their vows the rings are attached to a ring bearer pillow. The ring bearer pillow is also something that will become a treasured keepsake for the bride and may even become a family heirloom where the daughter or son will use it for their wedding. This is why it is important to make sure that you have the right ring bearer pillow and what better way to do this than make it yourself.

Making it yourself you can personalize it as you would like using the materials and pattern that you choose. All you need is your choice of fabric, a sewing machine, trimming, and polyester batting to put inside the pillow. You will also need ribbon to which you will tie the rings to the ring bearer pillow. The material that you need to use should measure between eight and ten inches square. Most are white or off-white in color but if you like you could make it in the shade of the bridesmaid or matron of honor dresses but in a lighter shade. Whatever color you choose you need to make sure that when the rings are tied to the pillow that they stand out. You will also need approximately two to three yards of ribbon and lace if you are using lace or other trimming to put around the edges of the pillow.

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The polyester batting should be cut the same dimensions as the ring bearer pillow. Depending on how thick or soft you want the pillow to be you may need two or three pieces of the batting. Before sewing the ring bearer pillow together you need to attach the trimming to the right side of the fabric that will form the top of the ring bearer pillow and then you pin the right side of the two pieces of material together with the batting between the materials and sew them together. Leave a small opening so you can turn the ring bearer pillow inside out and then hand sew the opening shut. You are now ready to attach the ribbon to the top of the pillow by hand. You can even embroider the bride and grooms initials into the ring bearer pillow to make it more personal.

In case you find it too time consuming to make or devote time to personalizing the ring bearer pillow then there are many online stores selling elegant yet affordable ring bearer pillows. Help yourself by visiting these stores and selecting the one you find to be the most appealing and at the same time within your budget.

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ring bearer pillow

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England: Multi-storey carpark in Liverpool gutted by fire, 1,300 vehicles destroyed


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Thursday, January 4, 2018

A fire on Sunday night in the seven-storey carpark for the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England destroyed almost all the vehicles parked inside and led to cancellation of the final evening of the Liverpool International Horse Show and evacuation of nearby blocks of flats. The blaze reportedly started with a parked Range Rover Discovery.

Investigators with the fire brigade stated that they believe the fire began with an accidental engine fire in the Range Rover at about 4.30 pm. The first call was made at 4.42 and firefighters arrived eight minutes after that. Ultimately twelve engines and 85 firefighters were involved in combatting the blaze. Aerial appliances were used and also three high-volume pumps. Fed by the fuel in vehicles parked inside, the temperature of the fire in the carpark is believed to have reached as high as 1,000°C. It was too hot to be extinguished with water from hydrants, so a high-volume pump was used to draw water from the River Mersey, and two more were brought from other fire brigades in the region.

The carpark has seven storeys and a capacity of 1,600 vehicles, and approximately 1,300 were parked in it when the fire broke out. According to Dan Stephens, chief fire officer for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, almost all of them were destroyed, with the exception of a few parked on the top level and at corners. “With these very high temperatures, you were never going to put the fire out without the whole building taking hold. The speed at which the fire spreads means you simply aren’t going to put it out,” said Stephens.

The carpark itself was severely damaged; according to Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool. It is not in danger of collapsing but will have to be demolished, which will be difficult with the many burned-out cars still inside it, Anderson told the BBC.

According to Stephens, there were no serious injuries: one woman injured her hand, and two people were treated for smoke inhalation. A spokesman for the Echo Arena also stated that all animals were safe. All horses were successfully evacuated from the carpark and then removed from the stables after smoke spread to them. Six dogs were also rescued unharmed, two on a lower level in the early stages of the fire and four that had been left in a car on the top level, freed by firefighters on Monday after the fire was put out.

The final evening of the four-day Liverpool International Horse Show had been scheduled to begin at 7.30, and had to be cancelled. Many attendees were stranded in the city on New Year’s Eve night. Merseyside police directed people to the Pullman Hotel, where Red Cross assistance was available, and the Liverpool City Council set up an assistance centre at the Lifestyles Gym. A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers has said that insurance companies will “move very quickly” to reimburse owners whose vehicles were destroyed.

Nearby blocks of flats were evacuated because of the smoke. Eyewitnesses reported hearing what they at first thought were firecrackers, then “multiple explosions”, “bangs and popping”, “the bangs of car windows exploding”. People reported leaving everything in their cars, including their cellphones, and running for their lives.

Mayor Anderson tweeted that cuts to fire services over the last two years made it significantly harder to fight the fire and might have caused it not to be controllable. He also suggested that fire safety in multi-storey carparks had not been sufficiently considered and that installing sprinklers in them might help stop future fires before they become unmanageable, in a letter to Nick Hurd, a member of Parliament.

Ubuntu releases third version of popular Linux distribution

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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Ubuntu Foundation released its third version of the popular GNU/Linux operating system distribution yesterday. Codenamed “Breezy Badger”, the release improves on its predecessor, Hoary Hedgehog, with updated versions of packages such as, new computer management tools, special installation modes for computer manufacturers, and a “thin client” mode for large networks of homogenous computers. The new version also improves support for laptop computers, portable media players, Bluetooth devices, PowerPC processors, and other hardware.

Because the software in the GNU/Linux operating system comes with permission for everyone to modify and redistribute it, there are many versions (called “distributions”) of the operating system available. Ubuntu builds on the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Like Debian, it is made almost entirely of free software.

Users quickly swarmed the Ubuntu Foundation’s servers trying to download the new version. The servers are currently responding slowly; moderators at the Ubuntu Forums suggested that users download with BitTorrent if at all possible, which is much less prone to such slowdowns.

Although its first release was only a year ago, Ubuntu Linux has quickly become one of the most popular Linux distributions. It is intended to be user-friendly without being insecure by design, a charge sometimes leveled against other beginner-friendly distributions like Linspire. The distribution is offered for free, and CDs are available for order via the Internet without charge (including shipping).

Bobby Robson to undergo cancer surgery


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Former England football manager, Bobby Robson CBE, will undergo surgery to remove a tumour on his brain today.

Bobby Robson is 73-years-old, and has managed various soccer teams such as England, Newcastle United, Ipswich, Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Fulham, Sporting Lisbon and FC Porto. Currently, he is employed as a consultant for the Republic of Ireland team, but will miss their opening Euro 2008 qualifier against Germany in Stuttgart on 2 September. He has had cancer surgery 3 times prior.

Bobby Robson said:

“The tumour is in my brain, which sounds bad, but it is in a position where it can be removed relatively easily and it’s extremely small – the size of a grape – which indicates they have caught it early.”

Robson was taken to hospital on 5 August 2006 after complaining about feeling unwell 10 minutes before the start of an Ipswich match. He was discharged on 7 August, and on 20 August it became apparent the incident was due to a brain tumour.

RAGGS debuts on Australia’s Seven Network


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Friday, May 19, 2006

New television stars in Australia, the RAGGS Kids Club Band started as simply a mall touring promotion.

Airing on Australia’s Seven Network weekdays at 9:00 am, the series features new songs, animated segments, and “letters from friends”, as well as the music videos and concert scenes that the DVD releases focused on. Another noticeable change is the design of the costumed characters that star in the series, which now have larger heads, besides many other modifications.

Characters in the series include original members RAGGS, Trilby, Fido, B. Max (B. Maxwell Oliver) and Razzles. New to the series is Dumpster, an opinionated cat. The stars live together in a home, and learn to develop positive relationships with each other.

More concerts for the show will be filmed in September 2006. Producers are inviting fans to contact them, to be notified when the open tapings happen.

Created by RAGGS LLC Production, the series is co-produced with Southern Star Entertainment Pty Limited. RAGGS was created by former advertising executive Toni Steedman, who now manages RAGGS LLC full-time. Beginning as a promotional company managing mall’s kids clubs, RAGGS expanded to a touring show, released CDS, a DVD, and a line of merchandise. The series’ creator plans to have the show on the air in the United States, within the next few months. Sixty-five episodes were produced.

This certainly isn’t the first time a fictional band has had a television series. The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, The Banana Splits, and Alvin and the Chipmunks are all notable examples.

Scottish budget rejected

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Scottish Parliament has narrowly rejected the Scottish government‘s proposed £33 billion budget.

The devolved parliament was tied 64-64 on the motion to approve the budget after two Green Party MSPs switched away from backing the minority Scottish National Party (SNP) administration. The Presiding Officer (speaker) of the parliament, Alex Fergusson, used his casting vote to reject the budget. Finance Secretary John Swinney of the SNP announced that he would immediately reintroduce it. The budget had the backing of the Scottish Conservatives.

Green MSPs had sought a £100 million, 10-year home insulation scheme, whilst the Scottish government had offered a smaller pilot scheme. This offer was increased as the vote approached but failed to convince the Greens to back the budget.

If a new budget is not in place by the start of the financial year in April, the current budget will rollover. However, Scottish ministers say this will cause a £1.8 billion cut in spending.

Scotland’s GDP fell by 0.8% in the last quarter.

Spying Gets Easier With The Mobile Phone Gps Tracking


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By Paul Phoenix

Do you want to purchase the latest spying device for your private investigation service? Are you interested in find out the whereabouts of your husband or boyfriend? Do you suspect your girlfriend of cheating you? Is there anything latest that you wan to know about tracking a vehicle’s locations? If you have come up with any of the above queries in the recent past then you must definitely have a look at the various Mobile phone GPS Tracking systems available in the market. There are many people who are in search of the spying devices but they are unaware of the fact that their GPS enabled mobile phones can work as their latest spying device. Even after having said this I must inform you that not all cell phones can work as that and you need top have the right software and the network support to run the normal GPS enabled phone to provide accurate information.

Mobile phone GPS tracking is the easiest way by which you can track the location of a person or a vehicle. All you have to do is install the necessary GPS (Global Positioning system) software and then put the cellphone in the bag of the person or vehicle you want to track. Your software will be able to provide you with the accurate readings pertaining to the location of the vehicle or person. This is the advanced technique that is being used by people to stop the vehicular theft and also find new ways of tracking a person’s location. This anonymous way of spying is a covert operation but is something that can be of great help to the people who want to track the location of their vehicles. Mobile phone GPS tracking is the only way to get quick and reliable location related data about a person or vehicle.

YouTube Preview Image

The technology of using the Anonymous way of spying or mobile phone GPS tracking is very helpful in reducing the crime rate like car theft. Well, the law enforcement and security agencies can put the mobile phone GPS tracking system and can nab the criminal faster but unfortunately it is not so. The vehicle of the offender is easily identifiable and one can easily gather other necessary information to track a vehicle. This is one thing that can be pt to a better us but nabbing the criminal at the correct location is a tough job and we feel that the police is still not up to the mark with the knowledge about this technology. This technology uses a small box that is generally attached to the car or person you want to track and then send the GPS signal to the mobile phone to track it.

Mobile phone GPS tracking is not only helpful for the security agencies but is equally efficient in serving the suspecting husband or parents to track their loved ones. Yes, you can use this advanced technology to get hold of the location related information about a person. Do not wait for others to get the better of you and instead get an upper hand with this GPS technology.

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About the Author: Paul Phoenix is the writer and owner of, a mobile asset tracking device provider based in USA


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Suffering From Back Pain In Clarksville, Tn? Make An Appointment With A Chiropractor

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byAlma Abell

Back pain sidelines many Americans every day. It is the most common reason that people miss work. Traditional medicine can find Back Pain Clarksville TN hard to diagnose and treat. Often people suffer for years, before someone suggests that they see a chiropractor. The chiropractor begins by reviewing x-rays and MRI scans that have been taken of the patient’s back. He then takes a detailed medical history and performs a thorough physical examination. Often back pain is caused by a disc or bone impinging on a nerve. This occurs because muscles or ligaments pull these out of their proper alignment.

Once the chiropractor has determined the cause of the Back Pain Clarksville TN, he can perform an adjustment to move the spine into its correct position. Some patients report an immediate reduction in pain. This is because the nerve is no longer being touched by a misaligned bone. However, this reduction in pain might not last because the patient’s muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the body in the proper alignment. Chiropractors often have their patients work with physical therapists. These professionals can show the patients how to strengthen their muscles and stretch their tendons and ligaments. As the patient’s body becomes stronger and more flexible, they will need fewer chiropractic adjustments. Contact us for more details.

Stress can also tighten muscles and cause back spasms. These can cause intense back pain. Chiropractors often prescribe therapeutic massage for their patients as well. Studies have shown that massage can reduce a person’s stress level. It can also relax muscles and increase blood flow. People who have been suffering from long-term insomnia report that they begin sleeping better after they begin working with a massage therapist.

Since all nerves begin in the spine, improving spinal alignment can affect many small aches and pains that people experience. People may have gotten so used to these, that they didn’t even remember what feeling good feels like. As their spine health improves, the overall quality of their health begins to improve. They are able to move better andto enjoy their lives. United Chiropractic Clinic is one of the facilities that provide chiropractic treatments in Clarksville. Patients can call to make an appointment.

6.7 magnitude quake shakes Hawaii


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake shook the Hawaiian islands at 17:07:49 UTC (07:07:49 local time) October 15, 2006. The quake, centered approximately 6 miles southwest of Puak? on the west side of Hawai`i Island (the Big Island), was felt throughout the entire state, causing a statewide power outage.

No tsunami warning was issued as a result of the quake; however, a tsunami measuring around 0.1 meters (four inches) was recorded. There were 50 aftershocks reported after the quake, the strongest being a 5.8 tremor reported at about 17:14 UTC (7:14 a.m. local time).

There were no fatalities reported and only scattered reports of minor injuries.

Electric power was lost statewide shortly after the quake. As of about 8:00 p.m. HST, power was restored to all the neighbor islands, but Hawaiian Electric personnel still had work to go on Oahu, the island with the highest population. Power was eventually restored to most areas of Oahu by midnight.

Structural damage occurred at Kona Hospital, where ceiling tiles fell and electricity was lost, forcing an evacuation of patients to Hilo Medical Center on the other side of the island. Damage was also reported at the Honokaa Long-term Care Facility and the Royal Kona Resort.

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, who was in Kona at the time of the earthquake, issued an emergency declaration for the entire state of Hawaii at about 11:00 a.m. local time (2300 UTC Sunday).

Air service in Hawaii was temporarily suspended shortly after the quake as airports were forced to operate on emergency power. The power outage caused delays to incoming and outgoing flights, as TSA agents had to conduct manual searches of all bags. Airlines have canceled numerous flights scheduled to depart Honolulu International Airport Sunday evening.

Communication links are problematic. Most radio stations lost power and stopped broadcasting immediately after the quake. (Metroblogging Hawaii) Honolulu radio station KSSK, operating on emergency generators, became a central information source for Oahu residents. A landslide has blocked at least one major highway from a section of a cliff at Kealakekua Bay.

USGS Volcano Observatory equipment has not been significantly damaged. Monitoring stations report “no significant changes in the past 24 hours” of the eruption of the K?lauea volcano.

According to USGS records, this earthquake is the fourth largest Hawaiian earthquake in the last 100 years. Previous earthquakes include a magnitude 7.2 quake in 1975, a magnitude 6.9 quake in 1951, and a magnitude 6.8 quake in 1938. The last magnitude 6.7 quake was in 1983.

British TV presenter Rico Daniels tells Wikinews about being ‘The Salvager’


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico Daniels is a British TV presenter living in France who is known for his two television series — The Salvager — whilst he still lived in the UK and then Le Salvager after he moved to France. Rico has been in a variety of jobs but his passion is now his profession – he turns unwanted ‘junk’ into unusual pieces of furniture. Rico’s creations and the methods used to fabricate them are the subject of the Salvager shows.

Rico spoke to Wikinews in January about his inspiration and early life, future plans, other hobbies and more. Read on for the full exclusive interview, published for the first time:

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