By Tony Clingan

Can We Take Advantage Of Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage?

I got to thinking on Friday if there was another opportunity that we were missing when it came to Micro Outsourcing and that was in the form of Arbitrage.

It struck me that for those people with coaching programs or those who offer consultancy services there may well be a whole new opportunity here using Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage.

At first glance it might touch on a question of ethics but then you have invested a lot of time establishing which of the Micro Outsourcers would work in this way, which ones you could include in an Arbitrage program, those of us who have used these sites will recognize the principal of kissing quite a few frogs to find the prince or princess as it were.

So in some respects far from being unfair using Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage offers a great saving to the end user whilst still allowing you to make a fair charge for your time, after all you are selling your knowledge and in this case that knowledge is the quality workers that will get the job done on time at a great price.


For those of you not clear on my meaning here by Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage I am talking about the difference between what you buy a service for and the price you sell it, the normal process in other words that we take for granted when we walk into any retail store.

So we are used to paying for it in the high street, in the shopping mall and in every other form of commercial transaction we take on board so surely Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage is just a natural extension of everyday business that requires us to make a profit, to reinvest in our businesses and to pay our team.

Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage Is A Normal Commercial Transactions Then Right?

On that basis Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage is just a normal commercial transaction and we should look for the opportunity in it instead of seeing it as a slight of hand, if you are anything like me I recommend Outsourcers on a very regular basis for their high quality work, so probably more fool me for not taking any commercial gain from it.

Just step back and think a moment of how many Micro Outsourcing transactions you might undertake in a week, the time you invest to find the good people, the money you have wasted on the people who promised but who failed to deliver or who were just down right bad news and you start to see that putting forward the best to your clients make Arbitrage a very fair system.

By doing this you are taking away other peoples risk and wasted time and making their Micro Outsourcing experience a good one, it really just reinforces the argument for Arbitrage, you have undertaken the selection process in the way a recruiter does when recommending staff the added bonus is you have actually consumed the service so you know first hand that it works.

From my understanding a whole underground industry has grown up around Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage with people advertising their re bundled services in offline publications and on none related service based web sites, effectively they are becoming knowledge brokers.

And this really brings us to the reason that the majority of people go online for, if you can be the bridge between the people with a problem on one side and the people with the solution on the other side you have the opportunity to make money, the bigger the problem generally the bigger the cost of the solution.

Thinking Outside The Box On Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage

So by thinking outside the box on Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage you are just leveraging your knowledge and your past research and a degree of your previous frustrations into a new form of business opportunity, it is just an extension of the principle that Edward De Bono taught us about putting on the different thinking hats.

I would say that Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage is also a natural extension of Spencer Johnson’s teachings in his various one minute manager books and audio programs that taught us the ability to step back and see a bigger picture was vital

I think one of the things that come across from reading through the comments are that a number of you are not yet Outsourcing in your businesses, if you want to get things done quickly, with a minimum of frustration and to a high standard I would say it’s essential.

So in conclusion this is really a natural extension of how we do business, we have invested the time and sometimes the related frustration in finding the really good people and in weeding out the bad ones, so far from being unethical there has never been a better time to practice Micro Outsourcing Arbitrage.

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