Lazy Dog Gallery Now Considered the UK Home of Handmade Men s Jewellery



For many men across the country, it can be difficult to find a unique jewellery piece that offers the perfect combination of contemporary style and classic appeal. Simply put, many of the high street jewellery stores cannot offer the best available selection. For unique items, the majority of the population in the UK is now turning to the online shopping arena as a source and that is where they ll find one of the leading suppliers of handmade men s jewellery items, Lazy Dog Gallery.

Lazy Dog Gallery has developed into one of the country s top specialists for design-led handmade British craft items by consistently offering high quality products spanning a broad range of styles. Whether shoppers are searching for eye-catching furniture for a modern living space, contemporary jewellery items for both men and women made by some of the UK s top up-and-coming designers the company can meet these particular shopping needs and many more through their wide ranging product catalogue.

The company has also developed an excellent working relationship with their customer base across the country. They work tirelessly to find the best in British handmade products for their customers and will even source a particular product for their customers if the ideal item is not found within their current catalogue. How many high street shops can offer this level of service?


Truly, Lazy Dog Gallery is now becoming one of the UK s leading lights within the online shopping area as they provide a customer-centric approach to personalised shopping. The company is also dedicated to ensuring that each customer receives the ideal product. And so they offer a superb returns policy that allows customers 7 days from the time they receive the order to return it completely free of charge for a full refund.

By visiting the company s user-friendly website customers will gain access to the outstanding Lazy Dog Gallery catalogue. By utilising this portal, customers can search for products via type, occasion or price, which then ensures a seamless shopping experience quite different to those offered by larger organisations which can be frustrating to the modern online shopper.

Within this exceptional catalogue is a timeless selection of the very best in men s handmade jewellery from some of the UK s leading designers such as David Gallie and Kimberly Selwood. Consider for example the products from the company s David Gallie collection, which includes the classically-styled Ogham Silver Black Ring. This handmade men s jewellery product has been created utilising the famed design technique Cire Perdue which involves using the plasticity of wax to create unique curvature and distinct shapes within the pattern of the ring. The Ogham Silver Black Ring has been cast in high grade silver and is professionally cleaned and polished to ensure a lasting finish to the item. This outstanding product is designed to be worn by the modern man to any social gathering or casual event as it offers stylish elegance that will resonate with many types of audience.

To find out more about the exceptional collection of handmade British craft on offer at Lazy Dog Gallery, contact the company s in-house product specialists today. An expert is standing by to take your order.

About Lazy Dog Gallery:

Based in West Sussex, England, Lazy Dog Gallery is one of the UK s leading specialists for handmade crafts created by the industry s top designers. To find out more about the company and their products, please visit

Based in West Sussex, Lazy Dog Gallery is one of the UK s leading specialists for handmade crafts created by the industry s top designers. To find out more about the Lazy Dog Gallery and

mens jewellery

, please visit


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