byAlma Abell

No one who brings home a dog or a cat wants to think about the possibility that they will eventually need extensive medical care. Most people get their pets when the animals are quite young, and it’s easy to avoid thinking about the fact that these darling puppies and kittens will eventually grow up, grow old, and need care to help them stay healthy and active. If you are a pet owner, though, you should be looking into Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY so that you know that you’ll have access to the right care when you need it for your animals.

An animal hospital is usually able to provide a much wider variety of services than a basic clinic can. This is because they are typically larger facilities that handle a greater volume of patients and can justify the expense of having more specialized equipment and people on hand to help them handle unusual situations. This is very handy for pet owners who may sometimes be uncertain about exactly what is going to be needed on a given visit. By going to a facility like this to begin with, you can get coverage for the vast majority of an animal’s health needs, rather than risking going to a small office and then finding out you have to make an appointment somewhere else for a specialized test or scan.

This is particularly helpful when you find that your pet is ill and needs more intensive care than normal. It’s helpful to already have a relationship with the Animal Hospitals in Yorktown NY, because that means that all of the records will be on hand and the staff in the facility will already have some familiarity with your pet. This makes the process of getting care set up a lot smoother than it would be if you had to get records transferred.

The Croton Animal Hospital has earned accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. It gained this within a year of its opening and has retained it ever since, which is an impressive feat when only 14 percent of the country’s veterinary practices hold the accreditation. Contact them for more information on how they can provide for the health of your pets and help you to remain a happy family together longer.