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Striptease is exactly what the word suggests; teasing the audience by stripping. It is an exotic or erotic dance, typically done in either a strip club or as sexual play between partners, that has legal and cultural prohibitions and taboos associated with it. But in today’s world, it has flourished as a popular form of dance and exercise that can be done without a partner. Many women today are learning how to dance Striptease.

As a dance form, Striptease is about embracing your sexual side as a woman, feeling empowered and translating that into dance. It involves seductively slow movements and invites a woman to release self-judgment, guilt, shame or embarrassment and feel good about being sexy. When dancing a Striptease for a partner, more emphasis is on the act of undressing almost to the point of revealing, but not quite.

To feel confident when dancing a Striptease for a partner, let’s talk about a few things to keep in mind…

The first thing is to create an atmosphere that’s going to make you and the person you are dancing for feel comfortable. Dim the lights, have enough space to dance in, have a comfortabe place where your partner can enjoy the show, light the candles and do anything else to help you succeed in dancing your Striptease.


Next is the music. Start your music before you walk out to begin your Striptease. This will create anticipation and excitement. Choose a song that you can get into and enjoy dancing It doesn’t matter what genre of music it is as long as it makes you feel sexy.

Show your confidence by doing three things. The first is to make eye contact with your partner. Holding his gaze will be a major turn on for him and show him how confident you feel with what you’re doing.

Secondly, slow down! Even when you think you’re going way too slow, go even slower. Don’t rush the movements. When we are nervouse, we tend to talk faster, move faster and become fidgety. Take your time and feel the touch of your hands on your body and breathe.

Lastly, own it. There’s nothing right or wrong about what you’re doing. Release any judgment you have about it and have no shame or embarrassment. Embrace this moment of feeling sexy and enjoy it to the fullest.

Also, don’t forget about the tease. Striptease should be fun and flirty. When removing clothing, do it slowly and without revealing your naughty parts right away. Turn away so he can’t see them just yet, or hold your removed clothing in front to prolong the tease.

Wear proper clothing, that not only makes you feel sexy, but that won’t cause problems when you go to remove it.

And lastly, practice builds confidence. Dance your striptease several times before performing it for your partner. This preparation will cause you to feel more confident and help you execute your dance with ease and flow.

Good luck!

Are you ready to dance Striptease? Learn how to dance the basic step in Striptease with our free instructional video here:

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