By Chris Chew

You know that you are a good singer and desire to become a better one. If that is so, then you must truly be committed to learning, improving and practicing your vocal techniques. There are many techniques to learn as good singing is not merely an art but a science as well.

The major distinctive difference between a good and a great singer is that the latter puts in much more time and effort in learning, practicing and perfecting the craft. The problem is that most people think that in order to sing well, they must have natural talent. Although you may have some talent, but without the right coaching and practice, you will never be a great singer. So here are some tips on how to be a better singer for beginners.

a) Breathing Techniques – First and foremost, you must practice and perfect your breathing technique. Many singers do not breathe correctly when they are singing and because of this flaw, they limit their own vocal potential.


I am sure you have heard of the phrase “Sing from your diaphragm”. To sing better you need to master diaphragmatic breathing which is breathing from the lower part of the lungs and not the upper part as many amateur singers do.

Try this exercise to feel how it is like when you breathe with your diaphragm. Lie down on your back and put your left hand on the upper part of your chest and your right hand on the lower chest, just under the ribcage. When you take a deep breath, your left hand on your upper chest should not move and your right hand on the lower chest should go up and down. This is just an exercise for you to feel how does it feel like as there are many more things to learn to breathe correctly.

b) Be Your Unique Self – Many singers like to copy the voice and style of other well known singers. By doing this, these singers will never be able to develop their own distinctive style and talent.

Just take a look at all the famous singers. Do you find anyone of them aping other singers? Of course not, as all of them without exception have their own unique and distinctive style of delivering the songs.

c) Singing Posture – Unknown to most people, your singing posture plays an important part in how your voice sounds. This is because how you stand is very much correlated to how you breathe and sing. This is the very reason why powerful opera singers are always singing in relaxed but upright postures.

Practice singing in front of a mirror take note of your posture, facial movements and breathing. While doing this change your posture and how you sing a little each time then detect the changes to see what works better. A slight change can sometimes change the way your voice sounds.

d) Take Up Singing Lessons – You may not know this, most if not all great singers take singing lessons from good vocal coaches. This must say something about how important it is to take good singing lessons from the right teachers. Are you taking any vocal lessons at the moment? If not, don’t you think it is about time to do so if you desire to be a good singer?

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