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Having genital warts isnt necessarily a death sentence, but this sexually transmitted disease can put quite a crimp in your lifestyle. You can blame the human papilloma virus (HPV) as the primary contributor to all types of warts, particularly ones of the genital varieties. Like many other people, you may not know that you even have them, particularly if you are a woman and these warts are located inside the cervix. Only through a doctors examination can these particular warts be diagnosed. However, others can be detected via the naked eye and should be examined by a doctor to determine treatment options. However, most people do not know what type of doctor removes genital warts.

Ladies are lucky in that, for the most part, their primary care physician is a gynecologist in an OB/GYN practice. Most of the time, ladies require a doctor because of female issues and those are best treated by a gynecologist rather than an internist or family doctor. Therefore, if you are a female, you dont have far to go in regards to knowing what type of doctor removes genital warts! Gynecologists deal with any health issue regarding a womans vaginal areas and reproductive system and that includes sexually transmitted diseases like the warts.


Males have a slightly tougher time getting to the right doctor to examine and treat their genital warts. Men do not like going to the doctor so when they finally break down and go, chances are that the doctor is an internist or a doctor in a family practice. While an internist or family doctor could be included in what type of doctor removes genital warts, chances are that they will take one look and send you to an urologist. A urologist is a doctor that treats various disorders of the male reproductive system and urinary tract as well as any issues dealing with sexually transmitted diseases.

Most treatments for genital warts can be conducted in the doctors offices, whether they are a gynecologist or urologist. Cryotherapy (freezing the warts off), electrocautery (using electricity to burn off the warts) and various topical ointments can be applied and performed outside of a hospital setting. However, if laser therapy is the option chosen for treatment, then the question of what type of doctor removes genital warts comes up again. Most doctors do not have the equipment or proper training to handle the method of treatment. Therefore, a plastic surgeon well-versed in laser therapies is often called upon to perform the genital wart removal.

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