byAlma Abell

Each person needs to go for an eye exam on a regular basis, if they expect to keep their eyes in optimal health. Failing to do so could result in possible loss of vision and eye problems due to lack of treatment. Children need to have their eyes tested as early as 6 months to a year old in some cases. They then need to go for exams every two years once they begin school. Vision diagnoses are often made around this time, as problems become more apparent during school years. If your child was a premature baby, or if there is a family history of vision problems, then they may be more prone to suffer from various eye problems.

Eye Exams for Different Groups of People

The elderly also need to go for eye tests at regular intervals. The American Optometric Association or the AOA as it is also sometimes called, states that everyone under the age of 40 should take an exam every 3-4 years. This is more than enough for those who do not experience any problems. Those who wear glasses or contact lenses should go for yearly examinations, because any problem that already exists should be checked regularly, to ensure that it does not get worse. Those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health complications should consider going for regular eye exams every 2 years. Certain health conditions put people at a higher risk for vision problems. When people reach the age of 60, they may have to go for yearly exams if they begin experiencing issues.

Complete Eye Exam

When you go in for an eye exam, you will have to give your optometrist a complete run down of your family medical history. You may be required to undergo testing that will check for color blindness, and a variety of eye conditions. Patients will also have their eyes dilated as well, so that the optometrist can check for certain problems. Taking regular eye exams Somerville, MA will ensure that you catch problems early, if any vision problems begin to occur. Catching things early is the key to getting them treated properly. Most vision insurance plans will cover complete exams that include testing, so it is important to listen to the recommendations of your optometrist to keep your eyes in good condition.

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