Extraneous Factors Severely Affect Doctors in committing acts of Medical Malpractice in NY


Paul Justice

Medical Malpractice can range from a small error that causes minimal harm to severe acts that can prove to be fatal. In this large range of injuries there is some common ground that serves as a platform to host instances of medical malpractice. Doctors who act recklessly with the lives of their patients due to a number of factors is essentially what is causing acts of medical malpractice to occur. Doctors can be affected by a number of factors but the most common ones come from pharmaceutical companies, high profile medical institutions, and insurance companies. Pharmaceutical companies make their money from doctors recommending their products to their patients. These products include medical device, drugs, and rehabilitation equipment. Most people do not compromise cost with their health, therefore most are more than willing to pay top dollar for these products. However the truth is that pharmaceutical companies tend to offer doctors with excessive gifts and illegal kickbacks if they solely recommend their products. This can be dangerous because a doctor can easily be transformed into pharmaceutical salesmen with their prospects being their patients. At times doctors will even recommend products that might not do anything for their patients, and in some situations end up hurting them in the long run. If your doctor has been recommending products that have ended up hurting instead of helping you, contact a medical malpractice NY lawyer as soon as possible.

High profile medical institutions can at times value their reputation over the health of their patients. Incases where a high profile medical institution made a mistake they might try to hide the mistake instead of coming forward and offering the treatment needed to remedy the situation. This circumstance can generate many ill practice causing long-term effects for the patient. Since reputation in the medical industry is key to being successful, some institutions will do anything to guard their reputation. This can prove to be very devastating when the health of a patient is overcome by the need to have a flawless reputation. What these institutions might not realize is that in the long run these inconstancies are going to come out and their reputation will be completely tarnished far worse than if they would have just come forward in the first place. If you have fallen victim to an act of medical malpractice in NY from medical institutions trying to salvage their reputations, contact a lawyer immediately.Insurance companies have a strong hold on doctors because doctors need medical insurance in order to practice medicine. Insurance companies also have the ability of raising their rates when medical malpractice claims are files. Therefore whenever a doctor commits an act of medical malpractice, the insurance companies are going to be the ones shelling out the loot. Insurance companies are going to pressure doctors to not commit these acts so that they will not have to give out millions of dollars in settlements. Therefore insurance companies tend to threaten doctors to not admit to instances of medical malpractice for fear that their rates will increase. If you have fallen victim to medical malpractice in NY, due to your doctor being swayed by these extraneous factors, contact a medical malpractice NY lawyer as soon as possible.

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Extraneous Factors Severely Affect Doctors in committing acts of Medical Malpractice in NY}