Epoxy has become the most popular choice for both residential and commercial uses due to its durability and versatility. The development of epoxy has revolutionised the landscape of flooring options – its resilience against wear and tear along with its glossy finish have made it immensely popular.

Understanding Epoxy

Epoxy is a polymer resin that hardens after mixing with a curative. It’s well-known for its adhesive properties, high level of resistance against chemicals and heat and ability to protect a surface from damage. Epoxy has a broad range of applications, but here, we will focus on its use for concrete surfaces, particularly in the context of flooring.

Epoxy for Concrete

Epoxy creates a robust and hard-wearing surface over concrete floors that can withstand substantial force and wear, making it perfect for industrial environments, warehouses, and garages.

Moreover, its ability to resist damage from numerous chemical spills makes it a common choice for manufacturing plants, while its gloss finish makes it perfect for retail spaces. For those desiring a blend of aesthetics and function in their flooring solution, colored epoxy for concrete surfaces is also available. The color is not a coating but integrated into the epoxy resin, reducing the risk of peeling or chipping.

Benefits of Epoxy for Concrete

The application of epoxy on concrete floors provides numerous benefits. Here are some of the key ones:

  • Durability: Epoxy creates a hard coating on the concrete surface that is durable and lasts several years.
  • Chemical Resistance: With its high resistance to most chemicals, epoxy is an excellent choice for places with potential chemical spills.
  • Maintenance: Concrete floors with an epoxy finish are easy to clean, as they resist dirt and stains.
  • Safety: Certain types of epoxy contain additives that increase traction and reduce the risk of falls, contributing to the safety of the workspace.
  • Aesthetics: The glossy finish gives the space a professional and clean appearance. Epoxy is also available in various colors and can be arranged in creative patterns.
    • Epoxy Garage Floor Newcastle

      In the case of an epoxy garage floor Newcastle is a city that has seen growing interest. The resilience of epoxy flooring makes it an excellent choice for garages that see heavy machinery use or storage. The application of epoxy to the garage floor in Newcastle homes has often improved their aesthetics and functionality. The variety of color options available allow homeowners to tailor the floor to match the rest of their house or garage decor.

      Preparation and Installation of Epoxy

      Despite the numerous benefits of epoxy for concrete, its effectiveness rests on the preparation and installation process. The success of epoxy flooring application depends largely on how well the concrete surface is prepared.

      The concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and free from oils, grease, or previous sealers as they can prevent epoxy from bonding with the surface. In case the concrete floor is new, it is recommended to wait at least 28 days before applying epoxy to ensure that it has completely cured.

      During the application, the epoxy resin and hardener are mixed together and then spread onto the prepared surface. This is usually achieved using a roller. Ideally, the application should be carried out in a well-ventilated space to avoid exposure to potentially harmful vapors.


      In conclusion, epoxy for concrete is a practical, long-lasting solution that offers appeal and low maintenance. Whether you are based in Newcastle, with an interest in the epoxy garage floor, or you are situated elsewhere in the world, epoxy can prove to be the optimal solution for your concrete surface needs.