Dental Implants Los Angeles – Say Goodbye to Old Fashioned Dentures


Arthur KezianYour teeth can look healthy and natural without using old fashioned dentures. Dental implants Los Angeles acts as a great alternative for replacement of missing teeth or for holding dentures in place.

Dental Implants Los Angeles are synthetic structures which are anchored to the jaw bones or metal framework on the bone. They are used as a foundation to fix an artificial tooth or a permanent bridge. However, the procedure cannot be carried out on all individuals as some of the other common dental treatments. Dental implants can hold on successfully if the recipient has a strong immune system and desired bone density.

The beauty about dental implants is that they can be designed to look exactly as your natural teeth and also feels like natural teeth. Success rate of the procedure is high among patients who are ideal candidates for receiving this treatment.


Dental Implants Los Angeles

are usually made of titanium. The procedure of this treatment is long drawn and involves making many visits to the dentist. An anchor is placed into the jawbone during the first visit which is then allowed to heal adequately. The tissue that grows around the anchor helps in holding it firmly in place.

During subsequent visits an artificially created but very natural looking tooth is fitted over the implanted anchor. Implants can be full upper and lower, anterior, posterior and single tooth. The entire procedure involves replacing missing tooth with implants, which are covered under the gum line. Healing period for the implants can take up to six months depending on the health of the individual. After the healing period, implants are uncovered and extensions are attached. Finally, the replacement teeth are affixed to the implants and extensions.

Dental implants Los Angeles are crucial not only for maintaining the oral health but also to keep your body fit and healthy. Oral health problems are systemic and can affect other parts of a body. It is therefore important to replace a missing or broken tooth at the earliest. Dental implants are convenient option because they look, feel and work exactly like your natural tooth.

When maintained properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. Regular visits to the dentist are necessary to ensure that your dental implants Los Angeles functions perfectly.

Missing teeth or portions of teeth can be replaced using bridges which are custom-made and matches the nature color and contour of your teeth perfectly. Bridges can be removable or permanent depending on their position.

They are used to restore a tooth’s function and appearance. They are also used to attach bridges or implants or prevent the further deterioration of a cracked tooth. They are also used to improve the aesthetics of a tooth. Cosmetic dentist Los Angeles offers a whole range of dental improvement procedures that completely turns around the way your teeth looks. Tooth colored fillings are an excellent option to the normally used metal fillings and forms part of the cosmetic dentistry procedures. Porcelain, gold alloys or a combination of various materials are used to make the bridge appliances.

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