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Furniture Material can be divided into solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software furniture, stainless steel and glass furniture, rattan furniture, etc.

Solid wood furniture: refers to furniture made from natural wood, furniture surface in general can see the beautiful patterns of the wood. Furniture maker natural color and texture to the performance of timber for solid wood furniture finishing varnish or matt paint.

Solid wood furniture can be divided into two types:

(1) pure solid wood furniture: furniture, all materials are wood, including table top, wardrobe doors, side panels, etc. made of solid wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels, solid wood furniture on the process and material requirements high . The selection of the wood, drying, finger joint, patchwork and other requirements are very strict, which processes strict, small cracks appeared, combined with the Loose and phenomena such as large deformation, and even can not use the full set of furniture.

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Characteristics of the different environments of the northern and southern and solid wood furniture (eg, black wooden wings), some furniture after a period placed after the arrival, there will be cracks, this is normal, as long as the original wood fill joints (fill joints do not see any difference), after fill joints can be used normally.

(2) imitation wood furniture: the so-called imitation wood furniture, from the appearance point of view, solid wood furniture, natural wood texture, feel and color and furniture are exactly the same, but is actually a mix of furniture of solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, side panels, The top and bottom of the shelf and other parts veneer, particleboard or MDF fiberboard doors and drawers with solid wood. This process to save the wood, while also lowering costs.

Plate tool: artificial boards (MDF, particleboard, blockboard, etc.) as the substrate, the surface of a thin veneer or artificial wood color leather, melamine board, and other surface finishes of furniture. The advantages of panel furniture sheet metal forming, stable performance, easy to distort, processing and transportation more convenient.

Software furniture: by the framework and sponges, outsourcing or skin consisting of furniture, a sofa and bed.

Stainless steel and glass furniture: steel, glass and other materials, and with furniture made of plywood and other auxiliary materials, with a sense of permeability and contemporary.

Rattan furniture: giving fresh and comfortable feeling, Rattan color is elegant, fresh and simple style, into a superb modern design art, rattan furniture has a lightweight, durable, linear flow, strong, elegant and quaint advantage, especially they are assertive vitality to create a simple and natural atmosphere for the entire home

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