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Computer Spyware is a form of malware which will infect your computer without permission and can be used to steal your private information. Spyware has been used to log keystrokes made on your computer and send sensitive email and banking information to remotely located hackers, change your default home and search engine pages, and serve as a gateway for download of additional malware to your computer. The number of Spyware threats on the Internet increases daily! Spyware can come in many disguises to include adware, fake anti-spyware programs, and other legitimate files and applications. Five of the top Spyware Threats are: 1 – Fake XPA Trojan Virus, 2 – BaiduSadar 3 – Barracuda Spyware, 4 – GameVance, and 5 – HotBar.

Spyware Threat #1 – Win32/Fake XPA Trojan Virus

The FakeXPA iTrojan Virus also functions as Spyware once installed on your computer. It hides its real purpose of data mining, hacking your computer, spreading additional Malware, Spyware, and Adware. This FakeXPA is a kind of family of programs, which will claim to scan the system for malware and after scanning, it issues fake warning like malicious viruses and programs have been detected. This will tell the user to pay money in order to register for the software so that non-existent threats can be removed. FakeXPA may display a dialog that exactly mimics the Windows Security Center to trick unsuspecting computer users. Removal of Fake XPA is considered critical for your online safety.


Spyware Threat #2 – Barracuda Spyware

Barracuda Spyware is a fake anti-spyware program that tricks you into thinking your computer is infected. Barracuda will then attempt to convince you that its promoted product must be downloaded in order to remove the infection from your computer. Unfortunately, if you buy the product, the computer becomes even more infected! Other names for the Barracuda Spyware are: FakeAler-C, SpywareProtect2009, FakeAV-LS, Adware.SpywareProtect 2009, FaudPack.kho, Antivirus System Pro, Barracuda Antivirus, Security Central, and FakeSpyPro. Barracuda Spyware removal is critical in order to prevent continued malware download to your computer.

Spyware Threat #3 – Win32/BaiduSadar

Win32.Baidu Sobar is considered to be a browser modifier version of adware. It ill install a web browser toolbar on your Internet Browser and then deliver a significant number of pop-up advertisements and will change your default search engine page. Although by itself, BaiduSadar does not carry a malicious payload, the webpages that it forces you to surf to in place of Google, MSN, and Yahoo are capable of delivering a destructive payload to your computer. If infected with BaiduSadar, you should focus on Spyware removal.

Spyware Threat #4 – Win32/Hotbar

Adware Hotbar will display a toolbar and targeted pop-up ads on your computer based on your Internet surfing history. Hotbar s toolbar will appear in both Internet and Windows Explorer on computers that run the Windows Operating System. When you click a button on the toolbar it will open a webpage that will open a different advertising website. The Hotbar malware will report your browsing history and other information to a remotely located server without permission. It should be removed upon detection.

Spyware Threat #5 – Game Vance – Adware

Game Vance Adware refers to advertisements that display ads on your computer and track usage in exchange for free game play at When you register for the Game Vance free game play service, one agrees to allow the ads run on their computer. After the End User Licensing Agreement is signed, however, you will have a significant number of advertisements displayed on your computer that can prove difficult to remove. If you have signed up for the Game Vance Adware, it should be removed since the program will send your private information without permission to a remotely located server.

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