byAlma Abell

Buying a home is a valuable investment and it is important to protect it. Home insurance in Harrisburg, PA protects the property from many natural disasters, theft, and fire. There are several levels of coverage options from which to choose. It is important to work with an insurance agency that works closely with their clients to build a policy that offers them the protection needed at an affordable rate. In addition to coverage for personal belongings, property loss, damage, and loss of use, this type of policy also offers liability coverage for accidents occurring at the home.


The cost of the policy is based on what it would cost to replace the home and the contents of the home. The premium cost may also be lowered if the home includes a security system, fire sprinklers, or other safety features. Most policies are paid annually. The most basic policies cover damage due to hail, fire, windstorms, vandalism, lightning, smoke, aircraft or vehicle collision, and civil commotion. Additional coverage options are available for an added cost. An experienced agent helps their clients to decide which policy offers them the best coverage options. It is never a good idea to try to save money by being under-insured.

Most mortgage lenders require the buyer to purchase this type of insurance as a condition of their loan. This protects the bank in the event that the house is destroyed. They will be listed on the policy along with the homeowners. Many homeowners in the Harrisburg area choose to work with an experienced insurance agency such as Farnham Insurance. This agency has offered personalized services, affordable premiums, and reliability for the past 44 years. They offer much experience and knowledge in this industry.

A home is usually the largest investment that most people make during their lifetime, and it makes sense to properly protect this investment. This is why it is so important to choose excellent home insurance in Harrisburg, PA. Working with an experienced insurance agent is wise because they can explain the various levels of coverage in more detail. It is wise to select adequate coverage because this helps the homeowner to protect their investment.