Petra Tours – A Useful Guide for First-timers


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Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Jordan is on the bucket list of most globetrotters. You might have seen many pictures of Petra on the Internet in documentaries and movies. But the real amazement starts only when you get there. Chiseled out of a rose-red sandstone from the bygone era, the lost city Petra is an ultimate marvel to delight your soul.

Uncover Ancient Sightings on Petra Tours –

The Siq –

The Siq – a one mile long tapering gorge, forms a main entrance to Petra. The meandering way makes for a very appealing walk, with loads of shrines and carvings to explore on both sides along the way. Photographing is a must in the Siq.

The Treasury –


When you walk through the gorge, you will reach Al-Khazneh – The Treasury. Its a rock-cut temple, the most popular site to visit on Petra tours, having been filmed in movies as well. If you tour inside the monument, you will immerse in the classic Greek-influenced architecture.

The Roman Theatre –

The Roman Theatre is a gigantic theatre initially built by Nabataeans, later expanded to its current size by the Romans. Carved out of the mountain, this theatre has a capacity of more than 7,000 people, and is an appealing sight to behold.

Additional Petra Sites Worth a Visit –

Petra is the home to a great number of eye-catching sites, including the Monastery – a picturesque rock-cut structure accessed by climbing up 822 steps. The Street of Facades etc. Apart from these, Petra offers a unique opportunity to foodies to enjoy authentic delicacies at cave restaurants and other eccentric dining scenes.

How Do You Get To Petra –

Just take a flight to fly down to Amman and hop onto a taxi or bus for a five hour drive to Petra. While getting there, its highly suggested that you should stay overnight at one of the available lodging and accommodation options in Wadi Musa – a scenic village with handful numbers of hotels, markets, and restaurants, sprung up on the outskirts of Petra. While walking a 10km from Wadi Musa, you will reach the enchanting world of the Nabataean city.

Perfect Time to Explore Petra –

Summers can be very hot in Petra, so you should visit here during the spring months – falls between March to May or the autumn months – September to November. However, the winter months are very cold and should be avoided for Petra tours. Its always highly recommended to wake up early to see the sunrise at 5am to escape from the heat and experience the ancient city of Petra at its best.

Conclusion –

While taking Petra tours, one day may be enough to explore the ancient ruins of Petra. The number of hours you spend in Petra depends on your love for history and ancient architecture. Moreover, theres enough to do and see here, if you choose to stay here for a few days.

Think thoroughly before planning for Petra tours and get the most out of your first-time expedition to the ancient lost city of Petra in Jordan.

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