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Many individuals assume that the main part of an auto club membership is roadside assistance. However, auto clubs today offer a lot more advantages than just roadside assistance. A good auto club membership provides a lot of exclusive and valuable benefits for the member.

With an auto club membership, there are hotels and shops that have arrangements with auto clubs to offer discounts to their members. When you travel, the financial savings may add up to the cost of the annual membership fee when you take advantage of the travel discounts. Different discounts can include: campgrounds, cruises, restaurants, auto rentals, airfare tickets, theme parks, auto repairs at specific services, admission to movies or theaters, different types of entertainment, and vacation packages such as New York City vacation packages. Another nice bonus of an auto club membership is benefiting from tour guide books, travel maps, traveler’s checks, assistance with trip planning, and more.


Auto club services can also include mortgage services, credit card services, internet services, insurance services such as car insurance, and discounts at retail outlets. They’ll even provide insurance for a motorcycle, watercraft, and ATVs, as well as flood, auto, medical, life, small business insurance, and homeowners insurance policies. Most auto clubs additionally provide advice on automobile maintenance, vehicle shopping for new and used cars, leasing automobiles, eco-friendly driving and advice on energy efficient vehicles, seasonal auto care, automobile inspections, and they might also provide driver training programs. An auto club can even have a service agreement with an auto repair shop.

One of the key advantages of auto club membership is emergency roadside service. This service can include towing, flat tire change, battery boost, key replacement or retrieval, fluid replenishment similar to gasoline, motor oil, antifreezeand so forth. It doesn’t matter the vehicle problem, a technician will come to a vehicle break down to assist or have a tow dispatched to the location. Auto clubs now play an essential role in ensuring driver protection when on the road.

Auto clubs offer cost efficient rates and wide ranging services and products. Due to all of the services and products that can be included in an auto club membership, it is easy to see why it is worth an annual membership fee is worth the investment. Annual membership fees can differ depending on what products you want included with the club membership and what the particular auto club offers in their memberships. The cost makes membership in an auto club a really good investment. In fact, one vehicle tow can nearly cover the cost for the entire annual auto club fee. Because membership charges differ among auto clubs, it is essential to explore and compare so you know you get a good price when you finally choose the auto club. You will not just benefit from great offers and services that virtually pay for an auto club yearly membership, but additionally, you will have peace of mind while on the road, especially late at night, knowing help is just a phone call away.

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