The Most Famous Clocks In The World}

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The Most Famous Clocks in the World


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Our Lives are measured in years, weeks, hours, and minutes. Time is an essential part of how the world functions. Every home has multiple clocks reminding us of our place in time, each town and city has a clock that chimes out the passing of hours. The clocks of the world are pieces of art, historical sites, and intricate works of beauty. If you are looking for that perfect clock to compliment your home or need an antique timepiece fixed, contact a shop specializing in clock repair in Dallas or your town. In the meantime, read about some of the most famous clocks in the world.


The inspiring Glockenspiel clock in Munich, Germany, announces the time only twice a day: once at 11:00 am, and again at 12:00 noon, except from March to October, when the famous clock also chimes at 5:00 pm. Located at the Marienplatz Square, Glockenspiel rings out with 43 musical bells. The ringing bells accompany 32 grand figurines as they act out famous events from Munich’s rich history, including the wedding of Duke Wilhelm V. The finale of each 15-minute show is a golden bird coming forth from the clock and ceremoniously chirping 3 times.

Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Center Clock

The Cevahir Clock is the second largest clock in the world; the face is nearly 115 feet wide. This amazing clock in Instanbul, Turkey, also acts as the ceiling of the mall, making it visible from all the shopping venues. The face only sports 4 numbers but with each number being just shy of 10 feet tall, you can’t miss them.

The Shepherd Gate Clock

The Shepherd Gate Clock, located in London, England, is considered one of the most important timepieces in the world. The clock is placed on the outer wall of the Greenwich Observatory, the location of the Greenwich Meridian Line. This line marks the Prime Meridian of the World at 0 degrees longitude; the location by which all other locations on the Earth are referenced. This significant clock was installed in 1852 and today is controlled by a master clock inside the building.

Prague’s Astronomical Clock

This fantastic astronomical clock in Prague, Czech Republic, is the oldest functioning clock of its kind in the world. Built in 1410 in Prague’s Old Town Square, the astronomical clock features dials that represent the sun and moon as well as a dial that shows the dates and zodiac signs for each corresponding month. Every hour, figurines of the 12 apostles appear from the window located above the clock’s face.

Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower

The Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, boasts several records. Not only does it hold the record for the world’s tallest clock tower (140 feet), but it also houses one of the world’s tallest hotels (the 76-story Makkah Clock Royal Tower) and has the world’s largest clock face (nearly 137 feet diameter). In addition to ringing out the time, this unique timepiece announces daily prayers to the Muslim community from speakers that can be heard up to 4 miles away.

Big Ben’s Clock

London England’s Big Ben’s Great Clock may be one of the most iconic clocks in the world. It’s the world’s largest 4-faced chiming clock; the pendulum alone weighs nearly 700 pounds. Big Ben’s Great Clock, located at the Palace of Westminister, was completed in 1858, and remains one of the most visited sites in London.

The Grand Central Station Clock

Located in one of the busiest stations in the world, the Grand Central Station Clock is placed on top of the information booth in New York City’s famous Grand Central’s main terminal. The clock is crafted from brass, the 4 faces are made of opal, and a compass sits atop.

While you’re clock may not be nearly as important as the clocks mentioned, you’ll still want to maintain your treasured timepiece and get clock repair in Dallas or your local area when needed.

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The Most Famous Clocks in the World}

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