Buy And Sell Websites Domains Or Apps By Listing It Free At Flippa Nova.Com}

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Buy and Sell websites domains or apps by listing it free at

Web site owners are more than aware of the fact that having correct domain name, great looking web site build and SEO done properly is only

way to get ahead of competition. Combining all those elements is only way to get an edge in today’s virtual world. If you are a business owner, we

site presentation and visibility online is a must this can be rather pricey and usually takes some time to achieve. is web site that can

help you in more than just one way you can buy almost anything web related there in order to jump start your own online business.

Products for sale at FlippaNova

As already mentioned, it is a web related marketplace, originally designed as shop for webmasters but has developed into full grown web domain/site

online store. Beside this it has other web content to offer, online marketers can even rent space for advertising their websites, find already written and

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prepared php scripts or databases, android based applications, games and much more. This may sound as something you have already seen

somewhere else, but what makes unique is pricing. Its auction based marketplace use system that has proved to be working quite

well for other web sites. This allows you to snatch great deals on things that could otherwise cost you a small fortune.

Buy more, pay less with FlippaNova

Because it’s using an auction based pricing system, the final cost of items on the sale depends strictly on your willingness to bid and if you are not

prepared to spend too much you can still get exactly what you need well within your spending limit. The sale price of premium domain names start

at as low as 100 dollars, you can find auctions of already established web sites at as low 25 dollars and purchase whole forums with more than 5000

members and great web traffic starting at less than 50 dollars. SEO optimization offers start somewhere around 25 dollars and building your social sites

presence is usually privately discussed with potential service sellers. The final price usually depends on depth of your pocket and most of the times you

can buy anything you need at prices well below their market value at other well established and better known web sites offering same or similar services.

Easy payment solutions and delivery of products

Once you have won the auction and agreed to purchase item FlippaNova will provide you with seller contact details. The site doesn’t have its own

egulated payment system and will not charge you any additional fees. It’s recommended to use Escrow services to make payments to sellers

(for your own safety), it’s also recommended to contact sellers for other possible payment options before you start bidding on items. Delivery of items

is also discussed in private with sellers you have to keep in mind that you may not be buying already prepared product, this is the case with php scripts

and items that will take a few days to be delivered such as likes on your social media pages, database buildups or SEO optimization.

There is only one more thing to be added when checking out it has limitless potential for savings on many web related items. Building

your own web site from scratch together with web hosting and domain name can be rather expensive experience. Add the cost of marketing your we

site, the time and money you need to invest into increasing your social site page ratings and making sure that your business is visible to potential

customers and web surfers yes it can be costly. Feel free to use this web site and save as much as you can.

About the Author: This article based on my personal experience, after 5 years of buying and selling domains and websites at

, I give you this article which will explain to you the best way of Buying and selling websites which is based on my personal experience through all these years.


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